• Google Classroom class codes 2019/2020:

    Period 1- ldiuitc

    Period 2- 0ks4h9r

    Period 3- 12qp2u      

    Period 4- 8fwb5tn      

    Period 5- khpvymi       

    Period 6- 9nu30ki     

    First, log into your portal. Then click on the Google Classroom tab, you may need to look through the options in the Google Apps option at the bottom of the portal screen. When you log into your google classroom your info should be firstname.lastname@marionstudents.net. When you log onto your assignment it may ask you again how you want to log in, click Google, and it should log you in through your school email address. If you have any questions please email me. benjamin.cuebas@marion.k12.fl.us