• Quarter 4

    Week 1

    Monday, 3/25

    HW: Finish Worksheet by Thursday/Friday.

    Tuesday, 3/26

    HW: See Monday.

    Wednesday, 3/27

    HW: See Monday.

    Thursday/Friday, 3/28-3/29

    HW: KA due Friday (1A only)

           Create Histograms

           Calculate Mean

           Calculate Median


    Week 2

    Monday, 4/1

    HW: Study for open notes test on Thursday/Friday. See Extra Study Materials for helpful study links.

    Tuesday, 4/2

    HW: Textbook pg 750, #8-14 EVEN

    Wednesday, 4/3

    HW: Finish Unit 8 Review. See Monday and Tuesday, for other homework.

    Thursday/Friday, 4/4-4/5

    No HW.


    Week 3

    Monday, 4/8

    Complete Unit 1 Review (1A)

    Tuesday, 4/9

    HW: See Monday

    Wednesday, 4/10

    HW: See Monday

    Thursday/Friday, 4/11-4/12

    HW: KA due next week (1A)

            Evaluating Expressions

            Writing Expressions

    Test Yourself Quizzes for Unit 1 and 2 due next week (Honors)


    Week 4

    Monday, 4/15

    HW: See last Thursday/Friday.

    Tuesday, 4/16

    HW: Complete Matching WS (1A).

    Wednesday, 4/17

    HW: None.

    Thursday/Friday, 4/18-4/19

    HW: KA One Step Inequalities due next Thursday/Friday (1A)

           Test Yourself Sections 3 and 4 due next Thursday/Friday (Honors)


    Week 5

    Monday, 4/22

    HW: Finish Functions WS (1A).

           Test Yourself 3 and 4 due Thursday/Friday (Honors)

    Tuesday, 4/23

    HW: See Monday.

    Wednesday, 4/24

    HW: Complete Graphing WS (1A)

    Thursday/Friday, 4/25-4/26

    HW: Test Yourself Unit 5 due next week (Honors)


    Week 6

    Monday, 4/29

    HW: See last Thursday/Friday.

    Tuesday, 4/30

    HW: Finish WS (1A) 

    Wednesday, 5/1

    No HW.

    Thursday, 5/2

    Exponents Jeopardy, no HW

    Friday, 5/6

    HW: KA due next Thursday/Friday (1A)

           -Slope-Intercept Intro

           -Slope Intercept from Graph

           Test Yourself Unit 5 due next Friday. (Honors)


    Week 7

    Monday, 5/6

    HW: See last Friday.

    Tuesday/Wednesday, 5/7-5/8

    HW: None.

    Thursday/Friday, 5/9-5/10

    No HW.


    Week 8

    Monday-Tuesday, 5/13-5/14

    FSA Testing for Algebra Honors, no class or HW.

    Wednesday, 5/15

    HW: Finish packet (1A). Music project due next Tuesday (Honors) Music Project Instructions doc: Music Doc

    Thursday/Friday, 5/16-5/17

    HW: Finish packet (1A). Music project due next Tuesday (Honors)


    Week 9

    Monday, 5/20

    HW: Finish packet (1A). Music project due tomorrow (Honors)