• Quarter 3 Week 1

    Thursday/Friday, 1/3-1/4

    Complete Review Worksheets


    Week 2

    Monday, 1/7

    HW: Finish Review worksheets from last week.

    Tuesday, 1/8

    HW: Finish WS (link here: 7.1)

    Wednesday, 1/9

    No HW

    Thursday/Friday, 1/10-1/11

    HW: Finish KA assigments

           Multiply Powers (1A, Honors)

           Negative exponents (1A, Honors)

           Fractional Exponents (1A, Honors)

           Power of Powers (Honors)


    Week 3

    Monday, 1/14

    HW: Finish KA assignments from last week.

    Tuesday, 1/15

    HW: See Monday.

    Wednesday, 1/16

    HW: See Monday.

    Thursday/Friday, 1/17-1/18

    HW: Complete Khan Academies. Exponents quiz next Thursday/Friday.

    Powers of Powers (1a)        

    Divide Powers (1A, Honors)

    Exponential vs linear growth (1A, Honors)

    Graphs of Exponential Growth (Honors)          


    Week 4

    Monday, 1/21

    No School

    Tuesday, 1/22

    HW: See last Thursday/Friday.

    Wednesday, 1/23

    HW: See last Thursday/Friday.

    Thursday/Friday, 1/24-1/25

    No HW.


    Week 5

    Monday, 1/28

    No HW

    Tuesday, 1/29

    No HW.

    Wednesday, 1/30

    No HW.

    Thursday/Friday, 1/31-2/1

    HW: Khan Academies due next week

           Add/Subtract Polynomials

           Multiply Binomials

           GCF of Monomials


    Week 6

    Monday, 2/4

    HW: Finish KA assignments from last Thursday/Friday.

    Tuesday, 2/5

    HW: See Monday.

    Wednesday, 2/6

    HW: See Monday.


    HW: Finish Factoring Worksheets.


    Week 7

    Monday, 2/11

    HW: Special Cases WS due Wednesday (1A).

    Tuesday, 2/12

    No HW.

    Wednesday, 2/13

    No HW.

    Thursday/Friday, 2/14-2/15

    HW: Finish Mixed Factoring Practice Worksheet