• Welcome 7th Graders! 

    Instructions to access Google Classroom:

    1. Log into the Marion portal. (desktop.marion.k12.fl.us) 

    2. Go to the bottom greyed bar and select Google apps.

    3. Select the Google Classroom tile.

    4. In the top right-hand corner, click the plus (+) sign.

    5. Select join a class.

    6. Class codes for periods 2-7

        Period 2: zoxfr4y

        Period 3: 4pvix55

        Period 4: tcne6yv

        Period 5: h2mr5hr

        Period 6: dlwt43c

        Period 7: hy2vh7c

  • All assignments are posted in google classroom. This is simply a list of each assignemnt name for each week. 

    Week one- Elections 

    Week two- Comparing the two main parties 

    Week two- Public Sphere