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    Grading Policy

  • Assessments  (50%) - these are in class projects that we complete after we have gone through a unit on a specific topic. They usually happen later in the year. If it is a larger project, we may spend a couple classes completing it.


    Classwork  (50%) - this is work done in class. I may teach a new skill during class and have the students show me they have learned this new skill by replicating it on their computer.

        Under the classwork category, I give entries for social skills. This grade shows how well they follow directions, do they respond to questions, how well do they help / interact with others.

  • Grades

  • Why doesn’t my child have an “E” in Computers? 

    Many parents are concerned that their child is not receiving an “E” in computers. During the first half of the year, most students will receive an “S” for a grade.  I teach and show skills and the students will replicate those skills on their computer. I will walk around and take notice if they have gained the skill for that class. During the second half of the year we will work on projects that bring all the skills together. This is when students are able to show their excellence and receive an “E”