• Title


    Classwork  (100%) - this is work done in class. I may teach a new skill during class and have the students show me they have learned this new skill by replicating it on their computer.

        Under the classwork category, I give entries for social skills. This grade shows how well they follow directions, do they respond to questions, how well do they help / interact with others.

  • M - Maintaning 

    80 - 100


    P - Progressing

    below 79

  • How are grades calculated? 

    The first 3 classes of each quarter students will work on our typing program - Type to Learn 4 (TTL4). During these 3 classes it is expected that students complete at least 2 lessons. This will give the student around an 87. If they complete more than the expected 2 lessons, their grade will improve.


    The remainder of the quarter will be spent on a selected topic. These topics may include, Logic, Code.Org, Scratach programming, Digital Citizenship, Robotics, AR/VR.