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    Class Activities

  • Building a KANO Computer


    Kano is a DIY computer kit designed to help people of all ages assemble a computer from scratch, and learn basic coding skills.

    Students have watched Mr. Yerdon put one together and now students will rotate through the 4 kits and have the experience of building a computer themself.


    Dash & Dot Robots


    Type to Learn 4


    Coding/Programing with SCRATCH

  • Digital Citizenship

    digital citizenship

     Students learn about staying safe on the internet. We went to a great internet site www.netsmartzkids.org and learned about characters that we might come across on the web. Everyone learned what to do if they encounter a Webville Outlaw on the internet.

  • Keyboarding with Type to Learn 4


    Schools can no longer prepare students for the workplace of the future without providing them with skills necessary for using computers competently. One of those necessary skills is keyboarding.

        Students will use the program Type to Learn 4 to learn the necessary skill of Keyboarding.  Students will be taught 2 letters during a lesson and will then play games to reinforce those letters before the next lesson.