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    Computer Lab Information

  • stencils

  • What are Smelly Pencils?

    Smencils are smelly pencils that are made form recycled newspapers. They come in a tube and cost $1.00. 


    Pencil Machine?

    The lab has a pencil machine that costs $.50. You receive 2 fancy pencils and sometimes an extra prize.


    How is the pencil money used?

    Recently, the pencil money was used to purchase 8 iPads and 8 sets of ROBOTS to use in the computer lab.

  • boxtops

  • We have saved BoxTops, what do we do with them?

    Bring them into the lab in the morning and turn them into Mr. Yerdon. You will get a pencil or possibly a smen! Please count 50 and put them in a ziplock bag.