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  • deadline


    Go to


    ID code - 13979721

    by March 1st, 2021

    to place your order ($25) online. You can also have the student’s name imprinted on the cover for an additional fee.

    The deadline for online orders is March 1st 2021. If you do not order a book online, you may not get one.


  • ad sizes

  • How Do I Place An Advertisement?

    It’s simple, follow these steps

    -decide what size ad you want

    -decide what pictures you want in the ad. 

    -decide what you want the ad to say

    -draw your ad out on a piece of paper, label where you want the words to go and where you want the pictures to go.

    -either send in actual pictures, send in pics on a CD, or email pics to me at daniel.yerdon@marion.k12.fl.us 

    If you have someone techy in the family and you want to design your own page, GREAT!! Make sure you use the correct dimensions listed below. It should be saved as a .JPG and should take about 2 megabytes of memory (for a full page)

    fill out the ad form and send it in to the computer lab with your payment (cash or check made out to Dr. NH Jones) Please send in a form even if you are emailing me the info for your ad. With the amount of emails I receive they may get lost. The form is the only way I know you want to place an ad.

    Advertisement price does not include a yearbook, you will still need to order one online.



    checks made payable to Dr. NH Jones

    Bricks - $10

    (bottom of teacher page)


    1/4 page - $50

    (3.5”  X  4.75”)


    1/2 Page - $80

    (7”  X  4.75”)


    Full Page -$140

    (7”  X  9.75”)

  • When and where can I buy one?

    You can order a book online until March. 1st.  Click HERE to order online.

    How much do they cost?


     Can I place a personal or business ad in the back?

    SURE, click HERE for the order form. Deadline is Dec. 17th 

    Can I send in an ad if I missed the deadline of Dec. 17th?

    There is a chance that I have not sent the book in. But there will be a $15 late fee. Check with Mr. Yerdon 

    I want to place an advertisement but I am computer challenged. What do I do?

    Mr. Yerdon will help you make an ad. Just bring in pictures and a drawing what you would like the ad to look like.

    I can make an ad on my computer, what format is best to save it in? - 


    I have pictures I want to use in the ad, how do I get them to you?

    You can send them in on a CD, thumb drive, email them to me at daniel.yerdon@marion.k12.fl.us , or bring the actual pictures in and I will scan them. (you will have them returned)