• Earth Space Science Syllabus pr



    As we enter another exciting year of Science we will look closer at the preliminary stages of each branch of science. Each class will cover a specific branch and by the end of middle school, our graduates should have a deeper understanding of each discipline of science. Our sixth graders will study Earth Space Science this year. 

    Goals:  goal

    The Common goals stretch across each curriculum.

    • Investigate problems and find a solution supported by data and evidence.
    • Interpret and communicate scientific information.
    • Learn how to solve problems in a team atmosphere.
    • Learn how manipulate technology to express scientific results.
    • Connect science to other core subjects and the real world and see how different disciplines of science are related to the issues in everyday life.



    Students are required to come class prepared and on time everyday. Students that misbehave during instructional time receive the following:

    • Verbal warning
    • Phone call /email to parent
    • Serious violations will result in a student being written up and sent to Administration; these violations could result in parental conferences or even suspension.



    Homework: book

    Homework is a vital part of your student’s education, each assignment will correlate with what were doing in class, and that’s why it is imperative that your child submits homework in my class on time, this gives them extra practice in a particular area. Homework submitted late will result in one letter grade drop unless student brings in an excused note from parent or guardian. Homework assignments are not accepted after five school days.

    Make- Up Work:  

    See teacher for make-up work at next class meeting. 

    Extra Support: 

     If your child is struggling in science, please contact me and we can discuss alternative work or tutoring, as needed. 


    • Binder with paper
    • Pencil and pens