• Middle School Intensive Reading Classroom Syllabus

    Course Title: Read 180

    School Term: 2017-2018

    Teacher: Ms. Manning

    Room Number: Building 5 Room 5

    Required Textbook: Read 180 rBook

    Email Address: adrianne.manning@marion.k12.fl.us

    Telephone Number: 671-6325

    The One Hundred Minute Read 180 classroom is an Intensive Language Arts course that consists of the following components:

    Read 180 is a direct instruction program that places heavy emphasis on reading comprehension and writing skills.

    Balanced Literacy consists of the following components:

    1. Teacher guided small group readings of a variety of literature and strategies useful to improve vocabulary development, comprehension, and writing skills.
    2. Read 180 Software is an individualized computer program that allows all students to improve at their own pace.
    3. SRA Lab is a small group comprehension program that also allows students to progress at their own rate.
    4. Supplemental reading materials will be used to increase fluency and reading comprehension.
    5. Monthly fluency checkouts will be completed as an ongoing progress monitor and to track students reading rate.
    6. iReady will be a progress monitoring tool.

    This course requires constant attendance and active student participation.

    The grading categories and weights are:

     Homework = 10%

     Classwork/Quizzes/Presentations = 50%

     Tests = 40%                                                                    

    Grading Scale:

    A = 90%-100%

    B = 80%-89%

    C = 70%-79%

    D = 60%-69%

    F = 59% and below

    Supplies: Students need only paper, pencil/pen and a composition notebook for this course.

    Classroom Policies: I expect my students to be on time, to be prepared, to be polite and respectful of our classroom and each other and consistently working toward success. I expect the students to enter the classroom quietly and ready to learn. They are to have their materials out to begin their bell ringer work. Restroom time is before or after class or during rotations. Pencils should be sharpened before class and students should always have an extra.

    Teacher Responsibilities: I will strive to create a positive, friendly and organized learning environment. This environment will allow students to feel safe and free to make mistakes and to learn from them. I will not tolerate bullying or disrespect of any kind.

    Student Responsibilities: This class has students of varying reading and learning abilities and I expect each student to be respectful of that. There will be no laughing at, degrading or disrespect toward another student.

    Homework: Students will be required to read 20 minutes every night (M-Th) and write a short summary on the sheet provided. Students are welcome to read anything of interest to them. They are not assigned a specific type of reading material. Students MAY use homework from another class (ie. History or Science). There are NO excuses for not completing homework. Homework will be due on Friday.

    Student Success Time (SST): During the last 45 minutes on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s, students will have time to complete homework, make up missing work (tests and quizzes), and use computers for online assignments.

    Excess Time: This intensive reading course has NO excess time. Reading is our FOCUS! We will spend ninety-five percent of our time learning to read and reading to learn. The other five percent of our time will be spent celebrating our successes.