• We are in the process of assessing your children's progress and will be doing that this week and next.  Please be sure they get a good nights sleep and a nutritious breakfast each day so they perform well.

    In Language Arts we are still using both fictional literature and informational text. We will be working on retelling a story and on finding an author's purpose.  As you are reading with your child, ask them questions about the text you are reading.  Quesitons that help them recall and describe events and characters and questions that help them make a conncetion to the story will help them understand the text on a deeper level.

    I will be assessing the first thirty of the Fry list words over the next two weeks.  These are the 30 most used words in reading and knowing them will really help you child's reading ability. 

    We will continue to have spelling test and dictation. You can help by working on the words with your child and making sure they understand the meaning.  In writing, they need to start a sentence with a capital letter, leave spaces (a big problem) and end with punctuation.

    In Math we will be learning about shapes--both 2D and 3D.  Your students should be able to describe a shape by explaining how many sides and vertices it has if it is 2D and wether it can stack and roll if it is 3D. We continue working on adding and subtracting.  The students will be allowed to use manipulatives to solve problems, but the must become proficient in adding and subtracting within five.  When you work with your child, continue to do various problems and include word problems.  These are difficult for the students to work with as they must listen, decide what the question is, determine if it is addition or subtraction and then solve. Also, problems with missing addends or subtrahends (i.e., 3 + ___=7 or 6-___=2) are hard for the kids, so that is a great area to help your child with.

    In Social Studies we are focused on what a veteran is and why we are dedicating a parking spot for a Purple Heart recepient.  We are making art work of the dedication and writing thank you letters to our vets.

    In Science, we are focusing on animals.  We have converted our classroom to an ocean and are learning about sea creatures. We will be learning and writing facts about the animals and making models for our "ocean".  

    In general, you can help your student by asking about what they are learning in school and asking specific questions based on what they tell you.

    I am sure you have heard of the Summer Slide--the phenomena that happens every summer to students who do not continue working and learning.  Please continue to read with your child and have them write frequently.  They have worked so hard to improve their reading and learn to write sentences, it would be a shame for them to slide backward over the summer.  Keep reminding your child that they need to exercise their brains--not just their bodies.  Only be trying harder and harder work will they improve.  I will be sending home some summer work ideas on the last day of school in their packet.  Please keep the reading and writing!