• Course:  8200520 Computer Applications in Business 1

    Course:  8200210 Computer Applications in Business 2

    Course:  8200211 Computer Applications in Business 3

    2017-2018 School Year

    Ms. Taylor

    Business Education



    The purpose of these courses is to assist students in making informed decisions regarding their future academic and occupational goals and to provide information regarding careers in the Business Management and Administration career cluster.  The content includes but is not limited to instruction in keyboarding/typing, word processing, electronic presentation, computer hardware, Internet, spreadsheets. Students will also explore soft skills including positive attitude, strong work ethic, working as a team, dependability and communication.


    Required Materials & Websites

    • Class Folder or Binder (Syllabus should remain in folder at all times.)
    • Pen (Blue or Black)
    • Notebook Paper
    • Flash drive (optional, strongly encouraged)
    • Hand sanitizer (optional)
    • Kleenex (classroom)
    • typing.com (Graded Typing Practice)
    • https://learn.aeseducation.com/ (Online Coursework)


    Bell Ringer:  (5 Minutes) Students will start each day by completing a bell ringer. This will either be typing practice, answering a question regarding the current topic or reflection post. The daily bell ringers will be submitted at the end of the week and count towards a homework grade (10%). Please note there is no penalty for absent days during week.


    Classwork: We have online classwork for this course, which is where the majority of grades will come from. (AES modules) These modules include lessons, performance tasks, quizzes and tests. Students will have 3 attempts on quizzes and 1 attempt on tests. These must be completed prior to the module deadline. Students are encouraged to complete modules and take advantage of all quiz attempts. Additional assignments must be submitted on time and in the proper format.


    Small Group: The students will work in small groups from time to time, and each student will be graded individually and must contribute 100% to any group assignments.


    Computers: Students will be working on computers the vast majority of the classroom. They are allowed to listen to music via MP3 players and flash drives. Headphones are provided; however, students may bring their own. Cell phones are not allowed.


    Class Wrap-up:  (3 Minutes) Students will be asked to log off the computers in order to give proper time to save work and log off prior to the bell ringing. This will ensure the safety of their personal information and proper care of materials in the computer lab.


    Tests: Tests will be on the AES website after each unit or module. Timed typing tests will also be required periodically. Quizzes will be online also and students have 3 attempts on each quiz.


    Category/Percentages                                                         Grading Scale:                


    Tests, Projects - 40%                                                           90 – 100  =  A

    Classwork, Quizzes – 50%                                                   80 – 89    =  B                                                                       

    Homework - 10%                                                                 70 – 79    =  C

                                                                                              60 – 69    =  D              

                                                                                               0 – 59      =  F         

    Important Reminders:

    • No Gum, food or drink other than water in class ever!!!
    • No talking during a test (will result in a 0 and considered cheating)
    • Students may listen to music with headphones while typing. Must not be so loud that the person beside them can hear it. Cell phones should NEVER be used in class.
    • Watching videos or playing games is NOT allowed without teacher permission.
    • It is the students’ responsibility to confirm and make up worked missed during an absence. Missing work will not be accepted more than 1 week after the deadline.
    • Sign the tardy log on my desk when arriving to class after the tardy bell.
    • Please sanitize your hands as soon as come in class before using the computer. This helps keep the germs to a minimum and keeps us all healthy.
    • Check the teacher website often for reminders, assignments & helpful information.



    1. Respect others and the equipment. Use and care for all equipment as if you would have to pay to replace it.
    2. Raise your hand to participate during class. I expect you to share your answers, partake in discussions, and/or ask questions; however, you should not be talking when the teacher or another student is speaking. No talking after tardy bell until attendance is taken.
    3. Keep all food and drink away from the computers. Electricity and liquids do not mix, and crumbs attract unfriendly insects.
    4. Be prompt and prepared for class. Before most class periods, I will post a bell-ringer on the Projector; you are expected to read and follow those instructions.


    Ms. Taylor’s 3 classroom expectations

    Do nothing that prevents teaching.

    Do nothing that prevents learning

    Treat everyone with respect at all times!