• The READ 180 Universal Program requires students to rotate from Whole Group Lessons to Small Groups Lesson, Computer Rotations, and  Independent Reading Rotations during the 50 Minute Block.

    The students will be using the READ 180 ReaL Book as their main source of reading materials during whole group and small group instruction.


    Students may access the program by going online as READ 180 Universal is internet based.

    Students may access the program by going to HMHCENTRAL and logging in by using the school zip code - 34491 and clicking on Marion County School District and then logging in by using their personal id and passwords.

    During Small Group Instruction, lessons with the teacher will be differentiated to meet their needs.  

    During the Computer Rotation students will be using the program to complete their work independently.  The program is geared for their own lexile levels/reading levels.  They will be engaging in rich skills and strategies in all areas of literacy development including comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, reading fluency, and writing.

    Students will also have the opportunity to read books of their choosing in the Independent Reading Rotation.  Students are expected to read closely and write a quality response to their reading on a READING LOG that is kept in their Independent Reading Folders in the classroom.

    This way, if your child is not in school, they may access the work from home.

    Thank you.