• The READ 180 Program requires students to rotate from Whole Group Lessons to Small Groups Lesson and complete Independent Reading during the 50 Minute Block.

    The first rBook in the old series was called New To America and focuses on immmigration.

    Students are required to read a chapter book related to this topic independently.

    I have created an account at getepic.com for students in the READ 180 program to read the book After Peaches by Michelle Mulder.  The book is about a girl named Rosario Rivera who moves from Mexico to Canada with her family and the struggles they face as immigrants.

    Students will be given a class code to access the book to read on-line during class time.

    Students will also be required to take the on-line quizzes that I have created for each chapter as they read.

    It is important that all students understand that this is a requirement and will be counted as part of the classwork and quiz grades.

    The class code will be given only to those students in the READ 180 program and is free to only those students .

    Since the beginning of the school year, the READ 180 Program has been updated.

    The students have completed the First Workshop - Stand Up!

    We are beginning Workshop Two - Water Fight.

    Students may access the program by going online as this new program is internet based.

    Students can access the program by going to HMH Central and loggin in by using their personal id and passwords.

    This way, if your child is not in school, they may access the work from home.

    Thanks you.