• Rules for Make-Up homework:

    • Make-up homework will be accepted by choosing one of the following options provided by your Spanish teacher.
    • Make-up homework will ONLY be accepted as long as the Chapter test/Unit test being studied is not concluded. Once the Chapter test/Unit test is concluded, no make-up homework will be accepted.
    • Make sure you follow the instructions for any make-up homework in order to obtain full credit. If you do not complete your make-up homework as instructed, you will only obtain partial credit.


    • Choose one of the podcasts below.
    • Find a subject in a Spanish-speaking country that is related to the following: politics, natural disaster, science, economy, tourism, war, art, music, history, vacation, medical field, environment.
    • On a piece of paper write the title of your podcast you listened to, include the link, and write "Make-Up Homework."
    • Write a 200-hundred word essay summarizing your podcast and expressing your opinion about the podcast you chose. 
    • Send or give the summary to Sra. Sullivan.


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