4th nine weeks gifted project


    Students will need to invent a math game.


    Step 1: Read

    Think of a math skill (measurement, multiplication, word problems, place value, order of operations, coordinates, decimals, fractions, volume and surface area, factors and multiples, properties, exponents, graphing….. etc) and make up cards. Center it around a theme (like football, dogs, cats, middle school, etc….you choose). Make a start and finish spot and places to land on Be creative. We started this project in class and the students will need to complete it by April 22nd , 2019. Please type or write up the directions like you would find on a game board and glue them to the back of the board. Please include all playing pieces.


    Practice playing at home with your child. They will have a presentation on their board games.


    Step 2: Sketch It Out (started In class)

    After picking the style of your board game, the next step is to NOT to start crafting the board and pieces. The next step is to sketch the board and trying to figure out the rules.

    Figuring out the look and rules of your board game will provide you with the ability to carefully craft your perfect board game. The sketches can also act as a guide during your stage when you put your board game together. The sketch must be detailed. But laying out your ideas on paper will make building the game easier in the long run.




    Step 3: Build the Board

    There are a variety of ways that you can construct your game board from the simple printed design to a crafted laser cut piece of wood, or self illustrated.

    1) Draw it out.

    Using cardboard or paper found around your house you can design your board using simple tools such as pens, pencils, markers, and paint. You could even use glitter!

    2) Print it out

    Using a design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape you can design a board for your game with a little more precession. Using a design software also allows you to become more complicated or integrate board.

    Step 4: Make Your Pieces

    After your board has been finalized you need pieces to play your game. There are a variety of ways to generate your pieces for your game.

    1) Use existing board game pieces or things from around the house. There is nothing wrong with using tools already available to you. Look to your existing board games or small items around your house to find the pieces of your game. My personal Favorite is discarded beer bottle tops

    2) 3-D designs and printing

    30 Design your own game pieces. Be creative with this process and remember to have fun designing or searching.

    Step 5: Cast a Die

    Not every board game needs them but let's face it many of them do. So let's figure out ways to get dice for your game.

    1) Existing Die

    Use die from existing board games. Resourceful but kinda lame.

    2) Print or design your own die

    3) Smart Phone die-The great thing about smart phones is that there are millions of applications, so luck beholds there is an app that turns your smart phone into dice.

    Step 6: Playing Cards

    Having a full tool set makes you a better Board Game developer. With your theme and math skill in mind, you have many options.

    1) Handmade cards (no peek-a-boo cards)

    Using paper, cardboard or any other household material you can produce your own playing cards. Simplicity at its finest.

    2) Printed Out Cards. Another option is to print out your cards. Using Microsoft word you can design your cards to be printed out on a basic. A design software, like photoshop or illustrator, will allow you to design more eloquent cards. The best part is that if you lose a card you can just print out a new one. Which might be needed after your family tosses the board after a crushing defeat. When your board is finished, practice playing with your family.



    Game Board: Invent a game Scoring Rubric



    Turned in on Time

    Total 10 points

    Turned in on time


    Patent paperwork is complete



    Total 40 points

    Student could explain how they built the game (voice)


    Math skill is very evident _______________


    Game Directions: It   is easy to understand how to play the game after explanation


    Eye contact with audience (don’t read)


    Teacher Comments:





    Total 50 Points

    Title is given


    Games pieces included (dice, moving pieces, etc)


    Cards are appropriate for 5th grade (no peek-a-boo)/ answer key


    Theme is evident


    Effort and creativity is evident in the design


    Directions are included




    BONUS: Pizzazz BOARD 10 points






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