Nine Weeks Project

  • First Nine Week Project

    Tri-State Travel!

    The presentation should be no longer than 3 minutes.

    Due week of Oct. 1st

    1. For this nine weeks project, you will choose three states that are adjacent to one another.   You will want to choose three states that you have an interest in.
    3. Your project will include a study of the history, climate, statistics and areas of interest and or landmarks in these three states.
    5. You will create a presentation that will teach the class about your three states.  For your presentation you will become a travel agent who wants to convince the class to visit your three states. Included in your presentation…
    7. a)   a poster created by you (original artwork, not computer generated) of your states and why they are worth visiting.
    1. b) A list of three different ways to travel to your states and the costs to get there for each method of travel. For instance, you may include air fare, train travel, travel by car, cruise line, bus (Mega Bus, Greyhound, etc…)   Obviously your costs will be based on your research and I am aware that those costs change all the time. The three travel options will be for one destination in one of your states. For Example,   if your three states are Washington, Oregon and California, you would give me the travel information for one city within those three states, Seattle might be your choice.  The travel options will need to be printed up as part of your written portion.
    2. c) A 5 paragraph essay about your three states.   This should include some history, information about the important landmarks in your states, and statistics for your states (population, resources, climate, etc…)   This paper must be at least 5 paragraphs and must include a bibliography in MLA format. You may use, bibme, etc… to help you with this. Please remember that you must site ALL your sources used to find information. You must have at least one source that is not an internet source.
    3. d) Parts a, b, and c may be included in a power point, poster, trifold etc… it is up to you to choose how you will present the information. A copy of the written summary must be turned in to Mrs. Dunn, and that information may also be included in your presentation if you choose to include it there as well.

    The rubric for this project will follow these guidelines. All of the elements must be included in the project. Your project should be neat and reflect knowledge of the states you have chosen.


    As a teacher, I love to see what the children have learned through these projects. The student needs to understand that I am looking for their work. I love for parents to guide and help along the way, but remember that the student needs to be the one learning about this event.




     DUE Date:10- 1-2018


    Scoring Rubric

    Tri-State Travel Presentation

    Total 60 points

    Presentation shows evidence of preparation


    Visual is relevant to presentation


    Poster/trifold is a quality product :includes original artwork (at least 1/state)


    Knowledge of three states is evident in the presentation


    All three states were presented.


    Creativity was used in the creation of the presentation


    Research Paper on States

    Total 30 Points

    Essay is five paragraphs; includes 3 states


    Landmarks/history/statistics included


    Travel costs typed and turned in with essay



    Total 10 Points

    Typed neatly with 3 sources used; one source non-internet


    MLA format used











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