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    ALL TIME SHEETS HAVE TO BE SIGNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    For those still working:  Find 4th Qrt. Time Sheet at bottom of this page (left tab) due May 26th OR CONTACT ME!.

    Get a signature then: 1. scan it and email it to me 2. take a photo and text to above cell number

    3. send it US Postal mail to the address above. 


    Students that are LAID OFF: Please forward me a document (email/letter/text) that is from your employer that states you were laid-off due to COVID 19; or a brief email from one of your parents as to why you choose not to return to work during because of COVID 19 (ex: underlying health issue for you or a family member/fear or exposure/etc.).  


    (Please create this as a 'Word' document and send as an email attachement or PDF. 


    ASSIGNMENT #1  Label and make sure you put your name on the document. 

    Choose a career that you are interested in or curious about.   Use that as your title!

    Write a 'general' paper on the career with the following points of interest. 


    A. Duties and Responsibilities of this Career

    B. Typical Work Setting

    C. Personal Qualities

    D. Physical Requirements

    E.  Educational Requirements

    F. Salary Information Currect to 2019

    G. Future Focus

    H. Professional Organizaitons for the Career; List two. 


    There are two options (A or B) to complete Assignment #2.

    Option A:  Everyone thinks they know what they want to do (as a career) for the rest of their life.  However, just like COVID 19 changed everything quickly other things in life may cause you to want or need to change your career and try something else. Using the same criteria for Assignment #1 (A through H) write an outline of a 'secondary' career you might choose to pursue. (Please note that it has to be legal!)

    Option B:  Have you ever looked at a person while they are at work and wonder what it takes to perform that job and how much do they make as salary?  Especially now with workers deemed as 'essential' or 'non-essentional' you may wonder how or why someone would stay in that career under these circumstances.  Using the same criteria for Assignment #1 (A through H) write an outline of any career you are curious about, even though you think you may never be employed in that field of work.  (Please note that it has to be legal!)


    Stay safe and be well!

     OJT Time Sheet

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Shockley   (Cell #352-812-2127 / Work Hours: 9 AM to 10:00 PM  Monday - Saturday)