General Information


    Updated Tuesday; Sept. 22.   Time sheet information posted!

     If you missed the Monday Sept. 21 due date for TIME SHEETS you need to GET THEM emailed to me! 

    They can be emailed and don't need a signature. 

    If there are corrections to be made you can resubmit based on what I tell you is wrong. 

    This is 50% or your grade.   

     Attendance/sign-in 'loss of points' for not emailing me your sign-in have been posted. This is 50% of your grade. 

     If you are still confused you are overcomplicating OJT. 

    Let me know how I can help you. 

    Check web-page DAILY for new information!               

    For Attendance:

    If you are still being marked absent make sure you are spelling my name correctly. 

     'Attendance' by signing-in is 50% of you 9 weeks grade. 

    OJT students MUST check-in 'electronically' through email with Mrs. Shockley from 7:00 AM until NOON on the day(s) you have an OJT class period and

    EVERYONE on Friday. 

     To streamline the process; your name is already on the email so I just need you to put the period(s) you have OJT.  

       Communication with me is the key to getting 100% in OJT.

    Electronically signing in indicates or signifies to Mrs. Shockley that:

    1. you are still working at the same employer

    2. you are still working the minimum number of hours required for the week.  You DO NOT need to litearally type in that you are working and getting your hours.  You checking in for attendance implies those two things.  

    If either of these two are incorrect you must email or text Mrs. Shockley the first day this changes. 

    Keep track of your hours worked since the first day of school to put onto the time sheet for your interim grade and 9 weeks grade. 


    Mrs. Kathryn Shockley

    Cell #352-812-2127

    Hours of contact: 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM  Monday through Friday

     FL. Department Of Education guildelines & standards are used.  

    OJT Application 2020-2021