Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Kennedy

Hello, my name is Terry Kennedy,

I am very excited to be a teacher at Lake Weir high school. This is my 4th year at Lake Weir. However this is my 3rd year teaching World History to 10th Graders. I have previously taught Economics (12th), U.S. Government (12), Law Studies (9-12), and Sociology (9-12).  I am originally from Alabama and moved to Florida 4 years ago to start my career as a teacher. I am also the Defensive Coordinator for the football team and the Head boys track and field coach. I have been coaching football for 12 years. My previous stint was at John Carrol high school in Alabama. This will be the 3rd year being the head coach of the  track and field team. I graduated from the University of West Alabama in 2008 with a degree in history, Although I have spent the last 19 years as a restataunt mgr. I decided to make a career change and get in to teaching. I feel that teaching is my passion and that a great teacher can help mold the lives of a student. There are plenty of students who do not necessarily like or "get" History. I feel that my job is not to shove it down there throats but to help them in every way and guide them through the course. We as a people can learn a lot through History and I firmly believe that life experiences can be compared to History, to help students understand it better.