• World History Syllabus

    Economics Syllabus

     NEW OFFICE HOURS - I am available at ANY TIME, but i will be in the classroom from 10:00 - 2:00 Monday - Friday. If you need help with something email me! terry.kennedy@marion.k12.fl.us 

    All of the World History classes will move into a google classroom format as of Wednesday April 1st. I will post the power point on here under the assignment tab. you will review the power point and answer questions, there will always be at least 1 critical thinking question which you will have to write at least 1 paraagraph to answer. Points will be deducted if you dont have a full paragraph. I am going to try and put up a recording of me narrating the power points so that you can hear my lovely voice telling my wonderful stories!! But i am not sure if i can do that with this platform or not. Remember the more information i get, i will pass on to you - promise.

    Classroom codes are : 1st period - pistkvo

                                     4th period - gzsqga3

                                     6th period - cvvgx3h

    Econ classes will stay the exact same ecxept their will no longer be any work book pages given. Econ will move through Moodle faster now that we have wasted away 2 weeks. As from what I have been told there will not be any final exams so whatever grade you achieve off of Moodle will be your final grade. We will move through just like a regular day in class, Every morning I will open up 2-3 new assignments, after the test I will shut the Unit down untill we finish the class, then I will open it back up for those of you who have fallen behind. I wish there were better alternatives, but there are not so we have to work with what we got. Remeber we dont simply survive, WE THRIVE!! no matter the situation you have to adapt and overcome, so lets FINISH this year. Remember the more information I get, I will forward on to you - promise. 

    WE will get through this

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