• FAQs


    Greetings All! I have put together this FAQ sheet in hopes of helping you with some common questions. I may add to it from time to time. As always if you do not find an answer to your question, please contact me. I am here to help.


    Syllabus? Every student was given the syllabus the first week. There are also copies located on the back shelf of the classroom and on this teacher webpage.

    Supplies? Classroom specific supplies include notebook paper, pens, flash drive and headphones are strongly suggested.

    Finished Classwork? Students are encouraged to complete typing practice. They can ALL benefit from it! If they need a computer break, they may read or draw. Lastly, core courses are IMPORTANT! If work needs to be completed for another class, it is permitted.

    Absent? It is the student’s sole responsibility to find out what was missed during their absence. This can be done by checking the website, asking a friend or of course checking with me. I will not inform students of missed assignments.

    Homework? Homework will likely not be given often. Due to some students not having computer access at home if homework is given it will not require the use of a computer. Those that have computer access at home are always welcome to complete typing practice. Please note: Any assignments that were assigned and not completed within the class during the week they were assigned automatically become homework if the student wishes to get credit for work they chose not to complete in class. 

    Logins? Please remember your logins for the computer, Typing.com and AES! It benefits everyone so that class time is not spent with me resetting passwords.

    Parental Contact? As a parent and a teacher, I believe this is important! Please never hesitate to contact me for questions or concerns. I strive to contact parents for positives and negatives! J

    Grading? The grading scale is standard with the school. Please note if your student is missing an assignment in Skyward, it could be that they were absent. If the assignment was paper based, the student’s name must be on it to receive credit.