•  This year, we are going to use an awesome resource - "REMIND". This is a web based program that allows me to communicate with you via your cellphone. It is easy to use and will be very helpful.


    I will be using REMIND to do just that: REMIND you of assignments, due dates and responsibilities. It will come right to your cell phone on the REMIND app that is free to download and use.


    The best part is that you don't have to give me your cell number and you can communicate with me and classmates after school hours about Science class information.


    Click on the link for YOUR class. Click on the link and follow the directions to join.

    You will enter your first and last name, then your phone number (so you can get the messages - remember I will not see this information), make a password and you will be added to the class. It's that easy!


    Don't forget to downoad the app to your phone!


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