• Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

     Welcome to Distance Learning! This is where we will use online tools to continue with our normally scheduled curriculum until we can return to the physical classroom. We are tentatively scheduled to return to the traditional classroom after May 1st.


    Below you will find some important information from our district about Distance Learning.

    • All academic activities/assignments will be posted here on my website.
      • Resources, such as PowerPoint, notes etc. to help you complete the activities/assignments will be found in Google classroom.
    • I will be available via remind daily from 8:00 am—7:00 pm to assist with assignments or to answer questions.
      • Please make sure to sign up for remind using the code for your grade level.
    • There will be a minimum of 2-3 activities/assignments per week
      • You will have 1 week to complete the activity/assignment.
      • Assignments will post on Monday and are due on Friday.

    Distance Learning is new territory for many of us, but we will get through this together. Please reach out me if you have any questions or concerns.

    Here are the codes for the Remind app.

    Click on the word remind to open the app in a new window.

    8th grade class code-@noel8read

    7th grade class code-@noel7read


    There will be assignments in google classroom for students to complete each week.

    Please sign up for Google Classroom by using the code for your class. That is your assignment for this week.

    Class codes:

    7th grade                           8th grade

    1st - 4lck52v                     2nd - e3x45ug 

    3rd - 3ukkdg5                    4th - g7hnkby

    6th - tyxzcjj                       5th - motixlj


    Here are the codes for Readworks.org if your student is having trouble logging in with Google.

    7th grade                           8th grade

    1st - 5N7CXF                     2nd - 54X3NH

    3rd - ZXYX4M                    4th - 33D5MF

    6th - ZAC6PL                     5th - ZK7ATY



    -Mrs. Noel