Reading/Writing/Social Studies



Degrees and Certifications:

Reading/Writing/Social Studies


March 26-30


SPELLING/VOCAB WORDS: Will update on Monday after the pretest







KID BIZ:  Students are allowed to access Kid Biz at home for practice in reading and using strategies to answer questions.  We are working hard to earn a 75% on our first try using Kid Biz, and we are tracking our data to help us improve as readers of informational text. Those receiving an 88 or 100% on their first try can be rewarded with candy or small prizes.  If you would like to donate small toys or wrapped candy, feel free!


DISTRICT REQUIRED HOMEWORK:  Read each night for 20 minutes. Reading aloud for a portion of this time is a great way to practice fluency! (Fluency rate target for 3rd nine weeks is 126 words per minute)

WHAT TO DO WHEN THERE IS "NO HOMEWORK" -- These are provided for DESIRED practice only, NOT REQUIRED!

  • Work on addition/subtraction/multiplication facts
  • Practice spelling words and vocabulary words if needed
  • Do Kid Biz at home to practice question types found on the FSA.

Parents may request extra practice for their students as they feel necessary.


Word count:  1st 9 weeks: 100,000 (Due October 13)

2nd 9 weeks: 125,000 (Due December 19)

3rd and 4th 9 weeks:  150,000 each (4th nine weeks goal must be met by

Those who meet these word count goals will receive prizes and rewards from the classroom and the library.
For my students (both classes), those who reach a MILLION WORDS will receive a box of "theater" candy and will have their photo placed on the wall in the "MILLION WORDS CLUB".  These students will have a lunch/party with me in the classroom at the end of the year.


SOCIAL STUDIES: We will be studying economics this quarter.