Degrees and Certifications:


We are off to an amazing, SUPERPOWERED year!  I will be teaching language arts and social studies.  I am happy to be teaming with Mrs. Carter, who will teach math and science.  We will switch classes every day.  Third grade is the year when we no longer "learn to read", but we "read to learn".  In my classroom, we will be learning and mastering the Florida Standards in Reading, Language, Writing, and Social Studies.  We will use CKLA (Core Knowledge curriculum), trade books, Kid Biz, and Social Studies Weekly, to name a few resources.  We will become great Communicators, Creative Thinkers, Critical Thinkers, and Collaborators as we work together in STEAM activities in my classroom as well as Mrs. Carter's.  Not only will we work on the Florida Standards and all the content, but we will be developing our social/emotional skills as well.  

UNIFORMS:  Please make sure to adhere to our school's uniform policy.  Even though it is still VERY HOT outdoors, our classrooms can be chilly when the air conditioner is blowing, so I suggest an approved jacket or sweater with the NHJ logo on it be kept at school.  LABEL your child's outerwear.  Remember that Panther Patches has uniform clothes for $3.00 each.  Some are barely worn!  

Mrs. Carter and I will be using our school email as well as the "Bloomz" app to communicate with you.  If you haven't signed up yet with the class code that I sent home, please do!  Thank you to those who have already done so.  It is a great way to communicate with us without having to write an email.

CLASSROOM VIP (Very Important Person)--A student who has shown exemplary behavior, work habits, and relational skills will be chosen to sit at the VIP desk by raffle.  Tickets will be given out when students show that they are following our school wide expectations and classroom rules. 


1.  I will maintain self space.

2.  I will be an active listener.

3.  I will be kind and respectful.

4.  I will be honest.

5.  I will do my personal best.


N. H. JONES STUDENT PLEDGE: "I am proud to be a student at Dr. N. H.Jones. Today, and every day, I promise to adhere to the lifelong guidelines of TRUSTWORTHINESS, TRUTHFULNESS, ACTIVE LISTENING, NO PUT DOWNS, AND PERSONAL BEST."

You will receive a copy of our behavior plan in the progress reports being sent home in a few weeks.  Please sign the bottom and send back that portion.