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CAN YOU BELIEVE WE ARE IN THE FOURTH QUARTER OF SCHOOL?  We are STILL  in full learning mode each and every day.  "Thoughtful and Thorough" is one of our mottos.  Having a "change" mindset instead of a "fixed" mindset will help your child achieve his/her goals and resolutions. "i CAN'T" is replaced by "I CAN'T.....YET, but I will KEEP TRYING!"

Please make sure to LABEL your child's jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, etc.  Lost and Found grows bigger by the day, and many of these items look the same.  Our rooms are warm and toasty, so your child will not need to wear outerwear in the classroom.  Remember Panther Patches has uniform clothes for $3.00 each.  Some are barely worn!  If you are having trouble finding pants in the stores, I suggest you look at our "store" right here at school!

 Please sign up for my Remind App!  I will be able to send quick messages directly to your cellphone instead of having to check email! If you have not signed up, but would like to, let me know so I can send you the code.

CLASSROOM VIP (Very Important Person)--A student who has shown exemplary behavior, work habits, and relational skills will be chosen to sit at the VIP desk periodically.  


1.  I will maintain self space.

2.  I will be an active listener.

3.  I will be kind and respectful.

4.  i will be honest.

5.  I will do my personal best.


N. H. JONES STUDENT PLEDGE: I am proud to be a student at Dr. N. H.Jones. Today, and every day, I promise to adhere to the lifelong guidelines of TRUSTWORTHINESS, TRUTHFULNESS, ACTIVE LISTENING, NO PUT DOWNS, AND PERSONAL BEST.

Most students do not need a "behavior plan", as by third grade they know what is expected and they know how to follow the rules.  Those needing extra help remembering will have their planner written in and a parent signature required.  Time off "Fun Friday" for contemplation will be the first consequence.  If further consequences are needed, parents will be contacted for assistance in helping their child meet expectations.