• We will be studying the following skills and concepts this year.  Some will be repeats from previous years and some will be brand new to you.  All  are needed to be successful in future math classes.  Algebra trains your brain to think; to come up with solutions to situations you will encounter throughout your life.


    Class Content:

    1. Foundations for Algebra - simplify expressions, use order of operations, use Distributive Property
    2. Linear Equations and Inequalities - solve equations with variables on both sides, use literal equations, solve and apply proportions, sovle multi-step inequalities
    3. Functions - identify functions, write a function, arithmetic and geometric sequences
    4. Writing and Graphing Linear Equations - slope, line of best fit, slope-intercept form, point-slope form
    5. Systems of Equations and Inequalities - solve by graphing, substitution, and elimination 
    6. Exponents and Polynomials - zero and negative exponents, operations with exponents, operations with polynomials, factor binomials and trinomials   
    7. Quadratic and Radical Functions - graph quadratic functions, solve quadratic equations, evaluate and graph exponential functions, graph square root functions    
    8. Statistics and Data Analysis - histograms, box-and-whisker plots, trend line



    Students’ grade will consist of homework completion, tests, quizzes, Learning Checks (county required), class work, and a nine – week folder.  A project and a nine-week exam are also possibilities.


    Grades are weighted in the following manner:          

    Tests and Projects – 40%                             

    Quizzes, Learning Checks, Classwork – 50%

    Homework – 10%     

    Grade Scale:

    A: 90-100

    B: 80-89

    C: 70-79

    D: 60-69

    F: 59 and Below




    Classroom Rules, Expectations, and Responsibilities:


    *Students will need the following items for class EVERY DAY (unless stated otherwise):



      You may also want:

          colored pencils

          highlighter – your choice of color                            

          red pen

          student planner – agenda

    Remember to replenish these supplies as you need them, at least once a nine week period.  There will be pencils and such in my classroom for you to use in class.                                   


    *Come to class on time and prepared to work – have paper, pencil, folder, and homework ready within the first two minutes of class.       


    *All work to be graded must be completed in pencil.  Work done in pen will receive no credit.


    *Assignments are due the next class.  Late assignments are not accepted.  Extra credit assignments are not given.  Students may redo classwork assignments for a better grade.


    *Students are responsible for making up any work missed due to an absence of any kind.  Work should be made up within three school days of the student’s return to school. Check the website and/or the Missed Work notebook in class to find work that needs to be made up.


    *Students may resolve issues they may have in class, or with work, by speaking with me or emailing me.


    *Class disruptions, tardiness, coming to class unprepared, and other student misbehavior will be handled in the following manner:

             First offense – warning

             Second offense – parent contact

             Third offense – referral


    *No food, gum, or drinks are allowed in the classroom.


    *Only one student may be in the restroom area at a time.  Be sure to sign out and back in so the next student can go.


    *I will dismiss class when everyone is seated and quiet.


    • Students may want to bring a jacket as my room stays a little cool.


    Parent contact:

    I will contact parents by notes, phone calls, and/or email. Parent conferences will be scheduled when problems arise at school.  These are scheduled through the guidance department.