• Welcome to Mr. Sloan's 6th Grade Math Class website!


    To the left, you will see several links. Parents and students will find it helpful to check the "Assignments" and "Calendar" links on a regular basis.


    As of October 1st, I will be posting homework assignments to the "Assignment" link, as well as any corresponding PDF files for parents and students to reference. I will include details of the assignment, and will usually post assignments several days in advance of the due date.


    The calendar link will be updated often to include upcoming quizzes, tests, and homework assignments. Please note: information on this website is subject to change.


    One more note regarding available at-home student study resources: students have access to a treasure trove of topic review and practice material on the MCPS Portal via the e-textbook resource titled Pearson Realize. This resource provides students an opportunity to review all textbook material in digital user-friendly form, and often provides interactive lessons. Students can use this resource to review what we covered in class, or to delve more in depth into material covered in class. Most importantly, students can use this digital platform at any time to practice diverse topic specific math problems and receive real-time feedback and topic-tailored lessons specific to the questions being asked. I really can't stress enough how valuable this resource can be both to students who need extra practice, and to those who want to challenge themselves to get the most learning out of math they can this year! If parents have any questions about how students can best take advantage of this resource, please reach out to me via email.


    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!




    Mr. Sloan