• Mrs. Martin's Class Syllabus



    The following information includes important procedures for my classroom which will help your child become an organized, successful student.


    Assignments (including homework) will be written on the board and must be written the in the Student Planner every day. This will keep everyone on task and students will know exactly what we are studying. Any work not completed in class should be finished for homework and turned in on the day the assignment is due. Late work (which will receive only partial credit) will not be accepted after we have completed the unit in which it was assigned.

    Interactive Student Notebook

    Students will be creating an Interactive Notebook this year. The purpose of the notebook is to engage students in learning while teaching them valuable organizational skills. The notebook also serves as a portfolio of the student’s work throughout the year. Students will need to have a composition book by Monday, August 15, 2016.


    Students will be issued a World History textbook which can be kept at home. A class set of textbooks will be provided for students to use in the classroom. Additionally, they will have access to the textbook online.  Students will also receive various primary source documents throughout the year.

    Make-Up Work

    When a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to check the planner and copy down all missing assignments. Students have five days upon their return to school to turn in the work. Students can also check my webpage from the school’s website for missing assignments and upcoming tests. Missed assignments will receive a zero in the grade book until they are submitted.


    Grades are posted on both the student and family access. I encourage parents and students to utilize this resource to keep track of grades.

    Classroom Rules

    1. Follow directions quickly.

    2. Raise your hand to speak.

    3. Make smart choices.

    4. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise.

    5. Treat others with dignity and respect.