• Mrs. Martin

    6th Grade Earth and Space Science


    This course begins with a discussion of the nature of science, the processes of science, and instruction on how to carry out scientific investigations in the lab and the field. The course then covers the properties of rocks and minerals and how to identify and classify them. Students will learn about geologic time, a history of life on Earth, and the development of the geologic time scale.

    The next parts of the course focus on Earth’s tectonic, atmospheric, and ocean systems, including instruction on earthquakes, plate boundaries, properties of the atmosphere, properties of the oceans, and how human activities impact the atmosphere and the ocean. The second semester of the course begins with instruction in weathering and erosion, followed by a discussion of river and groundwater systems, glaciers, shoreline features, and eolian systems. Students learn about the processes of weathering, how soils are natural resources, and the landscape features associated with rivers, glaciers, shorelines, and areas impacted by wind erosion. The course ends with a unit on the structure and composition of the solar system, with discussion of how Earth compares to other planets, the movements of asteroids and comets, and the life cycle of stars.

    Course Outline (scheduled pacing is approximate)

    Nature of Science – 5 Weeks

    Atmosphere and Weather– 7 Weeks

    Earth’s Structures and Changes Over Time – 7 Weeks

    Plate Tectonics – 9 Weeks

    Astronomy – 7 Weeks


                    Assignments (including homework) will be written on the board and must be written the in the Student Planner every day. This will keep everyone on task and students will know exactly what we are studying. Any work not completed in class should be finished for homework and turned in on the day the assignment is due. Late work (which will receive only partial credit) will not be accepted after we have completed the unit in which it was assigned.

    Make-Up Work

    When a student is absent, it is his or her responsibility to check the planner and copy down all missing assignments. Students have five days upon their return to school to turn in the work. Students can also check my webpage from the school’s website (www.osceolamiddle.org) for missing assignments and upcoming tests. Missed assignments will receive a zero in the grade book until they are submitted.


    Grades are posted on both the student and parent portals. I encourage parents and students to utilize this resource to keep track of grades. The grading scale is as follows:

    100 - 90 A

    89 – 80 B

    79 – 70 C

    69 – 60 D

    59 or lower F


    Students are expected to follow classroom rules at all times. Failure to do so will result in the following:

    1st Offense- Warning/Redirection

    2nd Offense- Conference with student

    3rd Offense- Seat change

    4th Offense- Parent phone call

    5th Offense- Referral