Week 1

  • Thursday August 10th

    Basic School Procedures

    Friday August 11th

    Class Expectations

Week 2

  • Monday-

    Safety Posters and Presentations



    Finish Presentations

    What is an MSDS Sheet?

    Choose 4 chemicals from the list below and google their MSDS Sheet. Then complete the attached MSDS Scavanger Hunt Form for all 4 on
    your own paper. You must choose two that are animal
    relatea and two that are horticulture/greenhouse related.

    MSDS Scavanger Hunt Form


    Bronco Fly Spray

    Round Up


    Wasp Spray






    Miracle Grow Liquid Feed

    Ortho Bug B Gone



    Serv Safe FlashCards



  • USDA Inspection Link



    Inspection and Grading Questions

    š1. Some meats are mandatory to be inspected and some are voluntarily graded. Explain the difference.

    š2.. What is the FSIS and what are they responsible for?

    š3. What are state inspection programs?

    š4. Describe the early trends of federal inspection of meat and how they have changed.

    š5. Describe FSIS’s change in relation to inspections coming into the 21st century?

    š6. To prevent bacterial growth due to foods not being handled properly what does the USDA require?

    š7. What does the implementation of HACCP plans by FSIS ensure?

    š8.Describe the marks given to federally inspected meat v.s voluntary inspected meet?

    š9. Who is responsible for grading meat?

    š10. Do grades change from state to state? Explain

    š11. How can consumers identify the grade of the meat the they are purchasing at the grocery store?

    š12. What are quality grade and yield grade and how are they different?




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