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  • COVID-19 INFORMATION: WHILE WE ARE DISTANCE LEARNING, I WILL BE POSTING ASSIGNMENTS ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM. Students can log into Google Classroom from their portal. The Google Classroom code they must use to add themselves to my classroom (if needed) is: tkaqsgq. Parents, you are welcome to add yourself to the class, as well, to monitor your child's progress.

    Some important information!

    1) With the new online forum, we are still required to take attendance. The way that will be recorded is by answering the questions posed online, so students must respond to the questions daily. 
    2) Assignments will be posted daily, and they are due Saturdays by midnight. Assignments will go "live" each morning at 8AM starting Monday. However, again, the assignments are not due until Saturdays at midnight.
    3) I will be posting videos that will cover the information. They will stay online so that students can use them and refer to them as needed. These will also be posted on Google Classroom.4) I WILL BE HOLDING AFTERNOON OFFICE HOURS digitally using Zoom on Tuesdays at 3PM. If a face-to-face conference is needed, it will be conducted during that time. These Zoom office hours can be accessed using or by entering the code 512-708-509 using the app. The password for any afternoon meeting is 110585. I will have regular office hours daily from 10-11AM, and again from 3-4PM, in which I can be reached by text, Remind, or email. If another time works better for you, please email me so that we can work out a day/time that works for your schedule.

    The daily agenda can be found here.


    The Cambridge course syllabus can be found here.


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