• Greek/Roman Mythology Project

    Research one character from mythology and create an informational brochure.  You must use two or more sources.  Also, you must include subtitles to guide the reader.

    • FRONT FLAP: Include Greek and Roman name, a visual, and your name
    • SECOND FLAP: Write one paragraph to explain his/her major role in mythology (what he/she is known for); include one visual
      • ORIGIN: Describe the origin of the character (one to three paragraphs)
      • MYTH: Summarize ONE story/tale – an important myth – about the character (three detailed paragraphs – beginning, middle, and ending)
      • IMPACT: Explain impact this character make on the world – vocabulary, movies, literature, idioms, etc. (use a bulleted list)
      • Use three to five visuals that fit the information in the MIDDLE FLAPS
      • BACK FLAP: WORKS CITED:  List your websites/sources using MLA Format (or turn in on separate piece of paper)

    Brochure Rubric

    _____/20    Minimal errors in capitalization/punctuation/grammar – pay close attention to titles/subtitles

    _____/20    Brochure is organized using quality title and subtitles to guide reader

    _____/40    Relevant details are used to describe your topic according to requirements on assignment sheet

    _____/20    Neatness/visual appeal – should be professional-looking/include visuals

    _____/100  Total                                                                                                      -15 no Bibliography/Works Cited


    Presentation Rubric (put brochure under doc camera and use like a display)

    _____/20     Three to four minutes (you will lose points if it’s too long or too short)

    _____/20    Prepare at home so that there is clear organization

    _____/20    Use eye contact – don’t read word for word and utilize brochure (refer and point to it)

    _____/20    Use voice projection and enunciation – practice so that you are loud enough and clear enough

    _____/20    Voice inflection: practice so that your voice has appropriate tone…enthusiastic, serious, etc.

    _____/100  Total