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    HELLO ALL!!!

    As we move into uncharted territory, I am working hard to compile some resources for you to use. For the next couple of weeks, we will be operating in a virtual format. Google classroom is going to be the hub of my instruction. It is imperative that you turn your assignments in, because these are the only grades you will receive until we return to school.

    Beginning next week on Monday (April 6th), each Monday, you will have a google form to fill out for attendance purposes. It is a simple click on question and you have to do it once a week!

    Each week you will have a new table of contests under classwork in the Distant Learning topic. You are to do each activity per day. At the end of the week, Friday’s google form will post at 9 am as a wrap up quiz on the content covered each day that week, and you are to answer the quiz for a grade.

    The best way to reach me during this time is via email: Denisa.Bethea@marion.k12.fl.us.

    Active office hours are from 8:00 – 9:00 and 15:00- 16:00. If you have issues or important problems to clarify, you can call/text @ Google Voice 3524622382 during active office hours. Please be brief and specify full name, period, and reason of calling. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

    I hope you are all doing well in these difficult times, and if you need anything at all, please email me. Thank you and I miss you ALL !!!

    Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.


    Applied Engineering Technology Lev III & Advanced


    Text book: Technology & Engineering

    E-textbook: https://www.g-wlearning.com/technologyeducation/9781605254128/student/index.htm

    SolidProfessor- Learn Engineering https://www.solidprofessor.com/

    Win Soft Skills www.wincrsystem.com Instructions: Learner Access Instructions WIN Soft Skills.pdf


    Google Classroom

    P6 -  gc5vjwa


    1. City of Ocala Internship City of Ocala Internship 2020

    2. Lockheed Martin Vocational Internship Vocational Internship 2020

    3. ANCORP Mechanical - 2 internship opportunities

    4. Youth Job Fair- March 31st Hilton Ocala Youth Job Fair 2020

    5. 8 FREE full- ride scholarships Medical Laoratory Technician Full-ride Technician



    Technology and Engineering level III

    Quarter 1

    Week 08/12/2019


    4P, Safety Rules and Regulations

    Engineering Design Process

    Chp. 19: Using Technology to Communicate

    Goals of Communication

    The Communication Model

    Career Corner: Advertising


    Week 08/19/2019

    Chp. 19: Academic Connection: Communication/ The Power of Radio

    Types of Communication

    Communication Systems

    Technology Explained: DVDs    Intro to SW

    Think Green: Forest Stewardship Council   Learn SW in 5 minutes


    Week 08/26/2019

    Chp. 20: Printed Graphic Communication

    Printing Methods

    The Steps for Producing Printed Graphic Messages

    Career Corner: News Reporters


    Week 09/02/2019

    Labor Day 

    Chp. 20: Technology Explained: Fax Machines

    Computer- Based Publishing

    Think Green: Inks

    STEM Connections: Mathematics/ Measuring Type


    Week 09/09/2019

    Chp. 21: Photographic Communication

    Light and Photography

    Fundamentals of Photographic Communication

    Career Corner: Commercial and Industrial Photographers

     Academic Connections: The beginning of Photojurnalism

    Technology Explained: Digital Theaters

    Think Green: Wet Chemistry            Detailed Drawing 50 SW Exercises.pdf        practice


    Week 09/16/2019

    Chp. 22: Telecommunication

    The Physics of Telecommunication

    Career Corner: Radio & Television Broadcasting

    Technology Explained: Fiber Optics


    Week 09/23/2019

    Chp. 22: Telecommunicatinh with Telecommunication Systems

    Think Green: Efficient Power Use

    Modular Activity: Film


    Week 09/30/2019

    Chp. 23: Computer & Internet Communication

    Computer Systems


    Career Corner: Computer Programmers

    Academic Connections: History (The Internet)


    Week 10/07/2019

    Chp. 23: The Internet

    Technology Explained: Virtual Reality

    Think Green: Electronic Media Waste

    Activity: Cyberspace Pursuit


    Quarter 2

    Week 10/14/2019

    Monday- no school (teacher work day)

    Tuesday- no school (In-service day)

    Chp. 24: Using Technology to Transporrt

    Transportation as a System

    Career Corner: Automotive mechanics


    Week 10/21/2019

    Chp. 24: Using Technology to Transport

    Types of Transportation Systems

    Transportation-  System Components

    STEM Connections: Science ( Newton's First law of Motion)


    Week 10/28/2019

    Chp. 25: Transportation Vehicles

    Vehicular Systems

    Land- transportation Vehicles

    Career Corner: Railroad Conductors

    STEM Connections: Mathematics (Calculating Buoyant Force)


    Week 11/04/2019

    Chp. 25: Water- Transportation Vehicles

    Technology Explained: Magnetic Levitation (MAGLEV) Trains

    Air- Transportation Vehicles

    Space- Transportation Vehicles

    Think Green: Hybrid vehicles


    Week 11/11/2019

    Chp. 26: Operating Transportation Systems

    Components of a Transportation System

    Career Corner: Bus Drivers

    Stem Connections: Mathematics (Relating Speed, Time, and Distance)

    Activity: System Control Technology


    Week 11/18/2019

    Chp. 27: Energy/ The Foundation of Technology

    Types of Energy, Work, and Power

    Career Corner: Power Plant Operators

    Effects of Energy Technology


    Week 11/25/2019

    No school- Thanksgiving Break


    Week 12/02/2019

    Chp. 27: Forms of Energy

    Sources of Energy

    Academic Connections: The Origin of Horsepower

    Think Green: Renewable and Inexhausible Energy 


    Week 12/09/2019

    End of Semester Project



    Quarter 3

    Week 01/06/2020

    Monday- no school

    Chp. 28: Energy- Conversion Systems


    Week 01/13/2020


    Week 01/20/2020

    Monday- Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school)

    Week 01/27/2020


    Week 02/03/2020


    Week 02/10/2020


    Week 02/17/2020

    President Day- no school

    Week 02/24/2020


    Week 03/02/2020


    Week 03/09/2020


    Week 03/16/2020

    Spring Break


    Quarter 4

    Week 03/30/2020


    Week 04/06/2020


    Week 04/13/2020


    Week 04/20/2020


    Week 04/27/2020


    Week 05/04/2020


    Week 05/11/2020

     EOC Project

    Week 05/18/2020

    EOC Project 

    Week 05/25/2020

    Memorial Day










    10 Essential Steps to a Good Interview.docx

     04/02/2019 CRISPR Essay CRISPR Argumentative Essay.docx


    EOC Projects (teams of 3 students)

    Juniors:  Build a VEX Robot  Vex IQ Rubik's Cube Solver 

    - building instructions: mindcub3r.html

    - 2015 education core set Ed-v1p1.pdf

    - 2013 set MindCub3r-v1p0.pdf


    Seniors:  Ring Master robot   RingMaster ClawBot

                 1. Design a ring in SolidWorks

                 2. 3D-print your design

                 3. Build a VEX robot

                 4. Create the code




     Semester I    WP title block .pdf

     AutoCAD Ebook          man draft 02.docx

     Exercise 01                Week 3 drafting.docx

     Exercise 02 fidget        Spiral Design Week 4.docx

     Exercise 03 Basic guitar     TIC TAC TOE.docx

     3d modeling - water bottle       Week 4 Checker Board drafting.docx

    education-instruction-puppy tutorial     Pop Quiz Paper Clip.docx 

    instruction_gyroboy             Elon Musk writing assignment.pdf

    autocad_04                        Drawing Assignment 10.pdf

    flower-of-life.pdf                 Week 9.docx 2.pdf

    Bridges 3D pdf

    Creating and Inserting Blocks blocks-in-autocad-2-2.htm

    Align and Rotate align-command-rotate-2-3.htm

    Blocks, Attributes and Data attributes-blocks-cad-2-4.htm

    Hatch Command and Solid hatch-command-cad-2-5.htm

    Project  Iso-Ortho project.docx

    Layers Layers in AutoCAD.docx

    CAD Oil Plate Oil Plate.pdf

    EOS project - Architectural 3D House 3D house ; Modern house



    Semester II  


    1. Design and build a Rocket Rocket_Lesson.pptx


    Expectations:  Rockets.docx

    NASA rocket testing document.docx


     2. Architectural AutoCAD House project - step by step 2D house youtu.be   04/02/2019





    EOC Project - Reverse Engineering

    Presesntation Reverse Engineering Project Expectations.pdf

    Grading Rubric gradingrubrics.pdf

    EOS Lesson Reverse_Engineering_ppt

    Project Guidelines https://www.marionschools.net/cms/lib/FL01903465/Centricity/Domain/15342/Reverse Engineering Project Guidelines.pdf


    Industry Certification Exam - review  Certification Exam CAD.pptx

    Car Engines assignment https://interestingengineering.com/4-differences-between-modern-and-older-car-engines



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