• Applied Engineering Technology Lev III


    Text book: Manufacturing processes

    E-textbook: https://www.g-wlearning.com/technologyeducation/9781605254128/student/index.htm

    SolidProfessor- Learn Engineering https://www.solidprofessor.com/

    Win Soft Skills www.wincrsystem.com Instructions: Learner Access Instructions WIN Soft Skills.pdf




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          6 Period Day                             Block Day

    Monday-Wednesday                   Thursday/Friday

    Period 1 9:12-10:05                    Period 1 / 2  9:12-10:51

    Period 2 10:09-11:02                  Period 3 / 4 10:55-12:34

    Period 3 11:06- 11:59                 ALPHA Time 12:34-1:24

    ALPHA Time 11:59-12:49            SIT      1:28-1:57

    Period 4 12:49-1:46                    Period 5 / 6 2:01- 3:40

    Period 5 1:50-2:43                                                                                          

    Period 6 2:47-3:40                             


    Syllabus Engineering Technology WP Syllabus 20-21.pdf

    Quarter 1

    Week 08/12/2019


    4P, Safety Rules and Regulations

    Engineering Design Process

    Chp. 19: Using Technology to Communicate

    Goals of Communication

    The Communication Model

    Career Corner: Advertising


    Week 08/19/2019

    Chp. 19: Academic Connection: Communication/ The Power of Radio

    Types of Communication

    Communication Systems

    Technology Explained: DVDs    Intro to SW

    Think Green: Forest Stewardship Council   Learn SW in 5 minutes


    Week 08/26/2019

    Chp. 20: Printed Graphic Communication

    Printing Methods

    The Steps for Producing Printed Graphic Messages

    Career Corner: News Reporters


    Week 09/02/2019

    Labor Day 

    Chp. 20: Technology Explained: Fax Machines

    Computer- Based Publishing

    Think Green: Inks

    STEM Connections: Mathematics/ Measuring Type


    Week 09/09/2019

    Chp. 21: Photographic Communication

    Light and Photography

    Fundamentals of Photographic Communication

    Career Corner: Commercial and Industrial Photographers

     Academic Connections: The beginning of Photojurnalism

    Technology Explained: Digital Theaters

    Think Green: Wet Chemistry            Detailed Drawing 50 SW Exercises.pdf        practice


    Week 09/16/2019

    Chp. 22: Telecommunication

    The Physics of Telecommunication

    Career Corner: Radio & Television Broadcasting

    Technology Explained: Fiber Optics


    Week 09/23/2019

    Chp. 22: Telecommunicatinh with Telecommunication Systems

    Think Green: Efficient Power Use

    Modular Activity: Film


    Week 09/30/2019

    Chp. 23: Computer & Internet Communication

    Computer Systems


    Career Corner: Computer Programmers

    Academic Connections: History (The Internet)


    Week 10/07/2019

    Chp. 23: The Internet

    Technology Explained: Virtual Reality

    Think Green: Electronic Media Waste

    Activity: Cyberspace Pursuit


    Quarter 2

    Week 10/14/2019

    Monday- no school (teacher work day)

    Tuesday- no school (In-service day)

    Chp. 24: Using Technology to Transporrt

    Transportation as a System

    Career Corner: Automotive mechanics


    Week 10/21/2019

    Chp. 24: Using Technology to Transport

    Types of Transportation Systems

    Transportation-  System Components

    STEM Connections: Science ( Newton's First law of Motion)


    Week 10/28/2019

    Chp. 25: Transportation Vehicles

    Vehicular Systems

    Land- transportation Vehicles

    Career Corner: Railroad Conductors

    STEM Connections: Mathematics (Calculating Buoyant Force)


    Week 11/04/2019

    Chp. 25: Water- Transportation Vehicles

    Technology Explained: Magnetic Levitation (MAGLEV) Trains

    Air- Transportation Vehicles

    Space- Transportation Vehicles

    Think Green: Hybrid vehicles


    Week 11/11/2019

    Chp. 26: Operating Transportation Systems

    Components of a Transportation System

    Career Corner: Bus Drivers

    Stem Connections: Mathematics (Relating Speed, Time, and Distance)

    Activity: System Control Technology


    Week 11/18/2019

    Chp. 27: Energy/ The Foundation of Technology

    Types of Energy, Work, and Power

    Career Corner: Power Plant Operators

    Effects of Energy Technology


    Week 11/25/2019

    No school- Thanksgiving Break


    Week 12/02/2019

    Chp. 27: Forms of Energy

    Sources of Energy

    Academic Connections: The Origin of Horsepower

    Think Green: Renewable and Inexhausible Energy 


    Week 12/09/2019

    End of Semester Project



    Quarter 3

    Week 01/06/2020

    Monday- no school


    Week 01/13/2020


    Week 01/20/2020

    Monday- Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no school)

    Week 01/27/2020


    Week 02/03/2020


    Week 02/10/2020


    Week 02/17/2020

    President Day- no school

    Week 02/24/2020


    Week 03/02/2020


    Week 03/09/2020


    Week 03/16/2020

    Spring Break


    Quarter 4

    Week 03/30/2020


    Week 04/06/2020


    Week 04/13/2020


    Week 04/20/2020


    Week 04/27/2020


    Week 05/04/2020


    Week 05/11/2020

     EOC Project

    Week 05/18/2020

    EOC Project 

    Week 05/25/2020

    Memorial Day















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