Mr. Simon's Math / Science Class

    In math, we are working on angles.  This involves determining whether an angle is an obtuse, acute or right angle, and we're beginning to see how to calculate angles. This is Chapter 11 in GoMath, found at the "Think Central" site in your child's e-textbooks on their student desktop.  We don't use GoMath very much in class but it is a good resource for review.  Other sites the students enjoy include Prodigy math www.prodigygame.com - I assign lessons each week that match up with the curriculum.  Also, some students use IXL to help practice, found here www.ixl.com/math .

    In science, we are studying heredity and reproduction - in plants.  We are learning how plants scatter or "disperse" their seeds and how different insects can help pollinate them. One of my favorite dispersal techniques is the coconut palm where its seed can travel for hundreds of kilometers floating along on ocean currents!