Mr. Simon's Class

    What are we doing in class?

    Math: In math, we are working on multiplying fractions by whole numbers, for instance, 2 X 1/2 - this is Chapter 8 in GoMath, available in "ThinkCentral" on the student desktop. Students can log into "interactive student edition" to have the program correct their work. This week, we are on lesson 8.4 on up. Other sites the students enjoy include Prodigy math www.prodigygame.com - I will assign lessons each week that match up with the curriculum - not a required activity, though. Best review activity is multiplication flash cards! 

    Science: In science, we are talking about earth structures such as mountains and volcanoes, types of rock, etc. We are also discussing STEAM projects.  These do not need to be done at home, we can do them entirely in class the week of 1/28 - 2/1.  Next week (the 14th), students will be finalyzing topics and creating their materials list to know what they need to bring in to do the experiment. All students need to participate in an experiment, but only students interested in competing for school or district honors need a project board. For instance, we may do as a group an experiment to see whether water evaporates more quickly from fresh water, like a lake, or salt water, like the ocean. 

    Language Arts: In language arts, we are studying how to combine information about the same tihing from two or more different sources to write, or speak about, that subject.

    Social Studies: In social studies, we are studying Early Florida from when it was a territory and then became a state. Settlements. Students can now access Studies Weekly on their portal in the textbook section - we are on week 14 on Florida becoming a territor, and going into statehood with Studies Weekly week 16.  

    Homework: As always, read at least 20 minutes a day.  This is the best way for our students to improve in all academic subjects.  Reading Logs can be filled out electronically - save to your computer and e-mail back, or let me know through ClassDojo the infomation. Reading Log  If they read in MyOn, I get a report on those automatically!