Mr. Simon's Class

    What are we doing in class?

    Math: In math, we are working on multiplication - 4 digit by 1 digit, and 2 digit by 2 digit. We learned last week two techniques to help solve these problems - the area model, and the partial products model. This is Chapter 2 in GoMath, found at the "Think Central" site in your child's e-textbooks on their student desktop.  We don't use GoMath very much in class but it is a good resource for review.  Other sites the students enjoy include Prodigy math www.prodigygame.com - I will assign lessons each week that match up with the curriculum - not a required activity, though.  Also, some students use IXL to help practice, found here www.ixl.com/math .

    Science: In science, we are studying properties of matter.  How do we describe physical objects? We found out about what objects were magnetic or not in the classroom last week - that was fun! Early in the week (stillon properties of matter) we are dicussing the difference between mass and weight. One of our questions for our "wonder wall" is whether air has weight.  We already discussed that even though you can't see it, air still has other physical properties we can describe.

    Language Arts: In language arts, we are figuring out how to analyze a reading passage for key ideas and details. We are starting on Unit 2, which will have readings on the Middle Ages.

    Social Studies: In social studies, we are finishing learning about maps (and Florida) by creating a map of Florida with major cities and bodies of water identified. We also included some key facts, national parks, and major attractions! Next up, we are learning about early Florida indian tribes and where they were located - we will see some of the artifacts of these tribes when we visit the Silver River Park on 9/18.