Teacher contract hours (through email (madelyn.colon@marionk.12.fl.us), remind, dojo, or Google Voice 352-234-6411)

    7:45am-2:00pm Monday through Friday 


    Office Hours: Monday through Friday




    Here is the link to my Google Classroom page, where all assignments are posted.  Students can also access Google Classroom on their MCPS desktop portal, log in, click Google Apps, click Google Classroom.  

    Mrs. Colón's Classroom 


    MCPS Tech Support Service Desk Hours 7:30am-4:30pm Phone #352-867-2100


    This is the weekly assignment layout for each subject:

    3 weekly Reading Assignments
    3 weekly Math Assignments
    1 weekly Science Assignment
    1 weekly Social Studies Assignment

    Suggested Work Schedule:
    Monday- Reading & Math
    Tuesday- Science & Math
    Wednesday- Reading & Math
    Thursday- Social Studies
    Friday- Reading

    Also, don't forget to do the writing check in prompt! Thanks!

     *Reminder* Do your i-Ready minutes (45 each in math and reading), your Reflex Math (go for the green light!), and read each day for 20 minutes!