Children who think they can be successful in school usually are. Those children who think they can't be successful in school usually aren't.

    Here are some ideas that can help you help your child develop a positive attitude that can lead to success in school and in life!


    1.  Talk to your child about people they think are successful.  Discuss with them what success is.  

    2.  Listen for your child/ren to talk about things they are having trouble with and feeling they can't overcome them.  Find examples of people that had the same problem 

          but were able to overcome those same problems.  Some Examples:  Helen Keller overcame deafness and blindness.  Michael Jordan was cut from his high school 

          basketball team.  

    3.  Always use Positive Self Talk.  Have your child take notice of a professional athletes.  Many of them will talk to themselves during a game.  They tell themselves

           things like "I'm going to hit this out of the park" or "I am going to dunk this in the basket".  Teach your child when the sit down to do thier work in school to tell themselves 

            "i am going to do the best I can."  Also, let your children hear you talk positively to yourself about yourself.  Modeling this can be a powerful positive example. 

    4.  Any kind of praise from adults in their life can be a motivting force.  Specific praise has been evidenced based to be the best kind of praise.  Example:

           Instead of saying , "You are a wonderful kid", try "You really stuck with that difficult math problem".  "You cleaned your room without being asked" or,

          "I loved the way you described the sky in your story."


    I hope these tips will help you and your child have a successful year!