Course Description

    During the 50-minute reading period, students use materials to improve their reading skills. As students read text, teachers model before, during, and after reading comprehension strategies. Students respond to literature, retell information, and write about what they read.

    There are classroom libraries with many fiction and non-fiction books for students to choose from. Independent reading time is allotted and encouraged.

    For more information please see the reading curriculum page.


    Classroom Rules and Expectations

    • Be on time, on-task and prepared to learn each day.
    • Listen to your teacher and follow directions.
    • Show respect with your words and actions. This means your teacher, other students and materials.
    • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.
    • Raise your hand to speak and only leave your seat at appropriate times.
    • AIM Expectations should be followed at all times.



    • Enter the class quietly find your assigned seat and be ready to learn when the bell rings. Please have your pencils sharpened and start on bell work.
    • Turn in papers by passing them to the front of the room.
    • Leaving the room for any reason requires a pass. Your time out of the room will be monitored, so please use your time wisely.
    • Please be quiet when moving centers. It is important to move quickly because time is important. You will only have 20 minutes in each center.
    • When the bell rings do not stand. I dismiss you, not the bell. I will give you time to pack up your items. Please make sure you have all your items before leaving the room. Push in your chairs and leave in an orderly fashion.


    Positive Behavior

    Please have a good attitude - do your best; if you don’t understand, ask. 



    Not following classroom rules or AIM expectations will result in consequences. It is your choice when you break rules or AIM expectations. The consequences listed below outline the typical escalation of consequences for repeated offenses. If the offense is egregious then consequences will be elevated immediately.

    • Verbal warning
    • Call or email to parent/guardian with teacher assignment for student
    • Call or email to parent/guardian, time-out
    • Referral


    Missing Assignments

    This class will follow the OMS policy as listed in the Student Handbook. Please ask for make-up assignments on the day you return to school. Your grade will reflect missing assignments.


    Grading Scale

    100 - 90 % A

    89 - 80 % B

    79 - 70 % C

    69 - 60%  D

    59 - 0% - F