• Marion County Public Schools may record online classroom sessions utilizing third-party platforms (Zoom, Google Classroom, etc.).  These recordings will only be used for educational purposes and may be shared on other learning platforms.  If you do not want your child’s image or identifying information recorded, utilize your device/platform controls to stop the camera feed from your device.

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  • May 31: The Final Test closes tomorrow! About 50 students still need to complete it. Once it closes, I will not open it again.
    Also, many of you still owe other assignments. Today is the last day I will accept any overdue work. I need time to complete and submit grades, so I cannot continue to accept late work after today. Do not delay any longer--your grade depends upon it!

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  • May 29: Still lots of students who haven't completed the Final Test.
    Still lots of students who have missing assignments.

    Time is running out!

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  • May 28: As of 8 o'clock this morning half of my students had taken the final test. That means there are more than 60 students who still have to complete the test. The test closes Monday. Don't wait until the last minute.
    Check on Skyward to see what else you may be missing that can be made up. If you see something that you already did but doesn't have a grade, let me know what it is and I will check it out and fix it. I don't get a notification for some makeup work, so if you don't tell me I won't know.
    In general, the Current Events questions can't be made up because they were to make sure you were visiting Google Classroom every day. But, a couple may still be open. Look for them and complete them and I will record those grades.

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  • May 27: Congratulations! Most people are doing quite well on the Final Test. But there are still many people who have not taken the test yet. Don't leave it until the last minute, just in case you have a problem.
    Also, some students are in danger of failing Q4, not because you can't do the work successfully, but because you haven't done the work. Not passing in work is just you hurting you, which is a silly thing to do.
    Remember what I always tell you: Do your job.

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  • May 26: There are a lot of students who are close to a higher letter grade but are missing assignments. Finish your work so you can raise your Q4 average!

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  • May 25: The Final Test is now open and available through your Skyward account. Your instructions on how to access the test are located in Google Classroom in my May 22 Streaming message. If you have question, email me. The test will be available until next Monday, but you shouldn't wait until the last minute in case you have a problem. Waiting until the last day and then telling me your Internet went out will not be a good excuse. Also, I have to have grades done on Tuesday, another reason for not waiting until the last minute.
    I stopped accepting late work for full credit on Friday at midnight. Anything submitted from Saturday, May 23, to Saturday, May 30, will receive partial credit IF I have time to grade it.
    Going to school virtually is difficult. To be successful, you have to be able to motivate yourself, work independently, set and keep schedules, and avoid procrastination. None of that is easy, especially under the current circumstances. I am proud of the many students who have tried to keep up, and I will remember your efforts as I record grades.

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  • May 22: As of this morning, my 125 students had practiced the final review on Quizizz a total of 29 times. That means, at best, only one out of every five students has tried the Quizizz even once. Please remember that you get out of this what you put into it. It is time to get to work.
    Also, today is the last day to pass in late work and still get full credit.
    Attached to todays Streaming post on Google Classroom is the instruction sheet for how you will access the final test starting Monday. Review it beforehand to make sure you understand.
    Finally, check Skyward to make sure that late work gets recorded. If you do an EdPuzzle late and it has only multiple choice questions, I don't get a notification that there is a new submission, so, I won't know you did it at all unless you tell me.
    Finally, I will leave the other two tests open all day today for anyone who did not do them before. The links to the tests can be found on Google Classroom in the April 20 and May 1 assignments.

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  • May  21: To study for the Final Test, I would suggest that you take the Quizizz first to see how you do, then start going through the videos we have been watching. You can't retake the videos I assigned, but all of these videos are available without the questions on Youtube.

    In addition, I am making copies of all the videos with the questions. I will post the links to the videos later today on Google Classroom. I am not sure whether the link can be used for multiple viewings or not.

    Success will take a little effort on your part, but it is your only assignment this week. If you also have work to make up, I am sorry, but that is the hole I always say to stop digging.

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  • May 20: Our Final Test will be available next week. In preparation, I have created a Quizizz called "Final Exam Study Guide" for you to practice with. If you master the questions on the Study Guide, you should do very well on the final test. To play the "Final Exam Study Guide", go to and put in this access code: 0525492. You can play as many times as you want. The more you play, the better you will do on the Final Test. It is up to you.
    I am going to administer the final test through Skyward. I will share more on that later, so watch for announcements every day.
    If you have work to make up, do it quickly. This is the last week to get full credit for assignments you have not done yet. If you have any questions or problems, email me and I will get back to you, usually on the same day.
    Check your grades on Skyward to make sure everything has been entered correctly. If I gave you too many points, keep them. If I put down a wrong score that was lower than what you got, let me know. If I didn't record a score, let me know. You are responsible for your grades. 

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  • May 19: Check back after Noon for today's assignment.

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  • May 18: Check the Assignments Tab for today's assignment.

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  • Friday, May 15: Today, please make up any missing work. I won't be able to continue accepting late work at full credit much longer. Also, soon we will have a final test on everything from World War I onward. You will do better on that test if you have done the work leading up to it.

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  • May 14: Check the Assignment Tab for today's assignment.

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  • May 13: Check out the Assignment Tab for today's assignment.

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  • May 12: Fill out the Google Form "May 12: Virtual School" in today's assignments under the Classroom Tab in Google Classroom. Answers should be thoughtful, with examples to support your ideas. The more thoughtful and honest you are, the more points you will receive. Write in complete sentences. This will be due by Wednesday, May 13. When you finish, you should make up any missing work.

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  • May 11: Go to the Assignment Tab or to Google Classroom for today's assignment.

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  • May 8: Check the Assignment Tab for today's assignment.

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  • May 7: Check the Assignment Tab or Google Classroom for today's assignment. 

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  • May 6: Fill out the Google Form attached to today's assignment in Google Classroom. Remember that a good ID gives enough information to separate the thing being identified from other similar things. For example, if I asked you to identify Tom Brady, you wouldn't just say he is a player on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. You's tell me that he's a quarterback, that he just signed with TB after 20 years with the Patriots, where he won six Super Bowls.
    That is the only assignment today, and it must be completed by Thursday at 10 a.m., when I will stop accepting submissions.
    Of course, many of you have assignments you could (and should) make up.

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  • Check out the Assignments Tab for today's assignment.

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  • May 4: After the end of World War II, European countries slowly began to find ways to break down the economic and political barriers that had led to two world wars. One such attempt was the formation of the European Economic Community (called the Common Market), which developed into the European Union.
    Your task is to watch the EdPuzzle I have assigned on the History of the European Union and answer the questions as you go along.

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  • May 1: The instruction for today's test are on the Classroom Tab in Google Classroom.

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  • April 30: Today you should study for the test we have tomorrow. Yesterday, I attached four of the videos we have watched in Google Classroom. The 5th one I assigned again from EdPuzzle. Review the videos. Some of the questions on the test may be the same as the ones you answered before. Some will not be the same. But all the questions will come from the videos.

    On Friday, I will make the test available for a set amount of time, then close it, so you need to be available sometime in the open window.

    Also, you should continue to make up missed assignments. The current events assignments can't be made up, but anything else can, so don't accept zeros!

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  • April 29: 

    1. Progress reports come out soon. Do make-up work.
    2. Many people have not taken the the Test on the Industrial Revolution, Imperialism and World War I (April 21). Therefore, I will reopen that test today at 2 p.m. and leave it open for one hour (until 3 p.m.) I will reopen it again at 7 p.m. and leave it open for an hour (until 8 p.m.). You can find the Test attached to the April 20 assignment in Unit 8.
    3. We will take a test on the Depression, Rise of Dictators, World War II and the Cold War on Friday. I have attached on Google Classroom the videos we have watched on these topics, but without the questions. you need to know the information on the videos. I will draw questions from the videos we have watched. Some will be the same info as on the questions you already answered. Other questions will be new.
    4. There is no other assignment today.

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  • April 29: I will post our next assignment right after noon.

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  • April 28: Watch the Crash Course video "The Cold War" on EdPuzzle and answer the questions as you go along. Remember, you only get one chance, but you can re-watch sections before you answer. Also, open-ended questions have to be specific and in complete sentences.

    Also, answer the Google Form question titled "April 28 Current Events" on today's assignment in Google Classroom. Remember, it is only available today.

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  • Monday, April 27: Good morning class. During World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union were allies in the fight against Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. Their friendship, however, would not last beyond the war because the two countries were at the opposite ends of the political and economic spectrums. The USSR was a Communist country with little personal freedom and a state-run economy. The United States was a democratic country founded on the idea of people having lots of personal freedom, and with an economic system (capitalism) private ownership of businesses and as little government interference as possible. The two countries with their vastly different ideas of government and economy were each bound to see the other as a threat to their way of live and continued existence. The result was the Cold War.

    In today's assignnment you will watch the EdPuzzle video called "The Cold War Explained" and answer the questions as you go along. It is due by the end of the day Tuesday, April 28. It will count as a Daily Grade.

    In addition, answer the Google Form question attached to today's assignment in Google Classroom. It will count as a Homework Grade and will be available TODAY ONLY and will be closed by 10 p.m. Since the purpose of this current events assignment is to make sure you are checking assignments daily, you won't be allowed to make it up late. 

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  • April 24: Hi class. To those of you who have completed all our assignments ... Great Job! You deserve a break, and today you will get one. You do not have an assignment today.

    Everyone who has work to make up, you DO have an assignment today. Your assignment is to make up at least two pieces of late work (but feel free to make up more). If you are going to make up a Quizizz or the Google Forms test, you will have to email me so I can make it available. Just make sure you are specific about what you need.

    Also, I just finished correcting and recording grades for the little coronavirus question I asked. There are a couple of lessons to be learned from that exercise. First, always try to answer. Wrong answers got half credit, "idk" got zero points. Second, always make sure you understand the question before you answer. The question asked why call the virus "corona." The answer is that under a microscope it looks like a crown, and the Latin for crown is corona. Just Google it. Third, there will be many of these easy to answer look-it-up questions before Q4 is over, so check every day for one.

    Finally, just to see who is paying attention, I will add five points on the only test we had to everyone who emails me the answer to this question: What is the state of Georgia doing today in connection with businesses, do you think it is a good idea, and why or why not.? Be sure to tell your classmates about the question (not the answer) so they don't miss out.

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  • Thursday, April 23: Check the Assignment section of this web page or the Classwork tab in Google Classroom for today's assignment.

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  • April 22: Good morning students. Many people still owe work!!!! Please check on Skyward, the Assignments page on my web page, and on the Classwork tab on Google Classroom to see what you owe. As I have said before: DON'T DIG HOLES. If you keep up with assignments, they only take 20-30 minutes each day for most people to complete successfully. If you fall behind, it is hard to catch up.

    About noon today I will post today's assignment both on the Assignments page on my web page and on the Classwork tab on Google Classroom.

    Check back then.

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  • April 21: Many of you did quite well on the test yesterday. Unfortunately, some people did not sign in to take the test. They need to contact me.

    Also, some of you have work to make up. I have been putting in zeros, but you can change them to grades by doing the work. Contact me if you need access to anything.

    Finally, there are still some people who have not checked in at all. If you know anyone like that, tell them to contact me right away. What we are doing online counts!

    For today's assignment, check the assignment page on this web page or go to the Classwork Tab on Google Classroom. I have set the deadline for completing the assignment as tomorrow (April 22) at 11:59 p.m. Please be ontime.

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  • IMPORTANT: Only do today's test once. Do the one that posted at 12:20. A computer glitch resulted in it being posted twice, but I will only correct once. If you already did the one that posted at 12:19, you're okay, but don't anyone else do that one. DO THE ONE THAT POSTED AT 12:20.

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  • April 20: Go to the Classroom Tab on Google Classroom for the test. It will be available until 9 p.m. Remember that you only get one attempt, so make sure you are ready before you start.

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  • April 20: I am not planning to make today's test available until after noon, so check back then.

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  • April 17: It is time for us to have a test on what we have done so far. The test will be Monday, April 20, and will cover the Industrial Revolution, Imperialism and World War I. Some people have only recently joined class, so you may not be caught up yet and may not be ready to test on these topics. You need to get caught up as fast as possible so that you can make up the test as soon as possible.
    I will draw the test questions from the work you have done so far, but I can't release the Quizizz and EdPuzzles you have done because there are still so many people who need to do them. However, there are lots of open Quizizz and EdPuzzles on all three topics that you can practice on. I think the test will be about 25 questions, and it will probably be on a Google Form. I will make it available on Monday for a limited time and you will be limited to one attempt. I also will likely limit how much time you have to finish once you start, so make sure that when you start you are ready and aren't interrupted. 

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  • April 16 (Thursday): No assignment today, but many of you have assignments to make up so look on Skyward,  EdPuzzle (both with due dates and with no due date), Quizizz and Google Classroom (For the powerpoint and Google form questions). If you have not done either of the Quizizz on the Industrial Revolution, email me and I will send you an access code. Doing one will count for both missing scores.

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  • 4/15:  This afternoon I will be assigning a second EdPuzzle on World War I. Check Assignments on this web page or the Classwork Tab in Google Classroom after lunch for detailed instructions.

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  • 4/14: Today I am not giving an assignment. Instead, if you have done all the assignments you won't have a specific assignment. If you have NOT done all the assignments, you should take this time to make up missing work. We have had six assignments, the last two of which (The Quizizz retake on the Industrial Revolution and the EdPuzzle on World War I) I have not yet corrected. I will spend this time emailing and calling parent to encourage you to make up missing work.

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  • 4/13: You have been exposed now to the concepts of nationalism and imperialism. Later on today we will see how those two ideas combined with militarism and a system of alliances designed to prevent war, and resulted in the first truly modern war: World War I.
    So, check on the Assignment Page here or on Google Classroom for details of today's assignment.
    I just took a peek at how many people have turned in the second attempt at the Industrial revolution on Quizizz. Only about a quarter of my total students have attempted it, so I am leaving it open until 9 p.m. tonight so anyone else who wants to has a chance.

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  • 4/8/20: The Quizizz quiz on the Industrial Revolution is due today. If you haven't done it yet, make sure that you finish it today. Remember that you only get one chance, so study and practice first, then take the quiz. The code for the quiz is posted on Google Classroom.
    Some people still haven't finished either the EdPuzzle or the Google Form or both. I extended the deadline for both to Friday, April 10. Try to finish those up as well.
    If you have any problems, email me.

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  •      Okay, let's see if this works. I have posted GOOGLE CLASSROOM the CODE to take the QUIZIZZ QUIZ on the Industrial Revolution.

         It it set so that you can only play it ONCE. The quiz is available until Wednesday evening at 10 p.m., so don't play until you are ready, but don't wait until the last minute, either.

         NOT connected to this quiz, I had Quizizz send you an invitation to join Quizizz through Google Classroom. That will make it easier for me to share Quizizz and collect scores. A few of you already accepted the invitation. The rest of you need to to that.

         Also, some people have not completed either the EdPuzzle or the Google Form assignment (or both). I extended the deadline to April 10, so you should be able to make that up now.

         Finally, about 50 of my students have not checked in yet. Please contact any friends you are connected to on social media and make sure they know we have reopened virtually. If you know students who do not have Internet, let them know that Spectrum has offered free Internet for 60 days to qualifying families with children in school. They can call 1-844-579-3743 for more information.

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  • Hey all,

    I just sent you an invitation to link Google Classroom and Quizizz. Please accept the invitation.


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  • 4/6/20: Great work! Many of you completed our two assignments on the Industrial Revolution. Some people, however, have not checked in yet. So, I have extended the deadline for the EdPuzzle and Google Forms activities. If you have not completed one or both of these assignments, please do so right away. That will make sure you do not fall behind and help me to identify students who are having trouble getting online.

    We will have a QUIZ on the Industrial Revolution on Tuesday (April 7). Today, you should prepare for that quiz by reviewing the powerpoint, reading Sections 1, 3 and 4 in Chapter 25 of the digital text on Google Classroom (starts on page 714 of the text), and practicing on the Quizizz quiz at the following link: You can play this quiz as often as you like. On the quiz tomorrow you will have ONE attempt, so prepare well.

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  • 4/3/20:  Congratulations. Many of you completed the EdPuzzle assignment successfully. If you haven't done it yet, try to get it done today.

    Our second assignment has two purposes. The first is to give you some more in-depth information about the Industrial Revolution. The second is to make sure that we can navigate powerpoints and Google Forms.
    So, here's what I want you to do. Go to Google Classroom and find today's assignment. Watch the attached powerpoint on the Industrial Revolution. At the same time, open the attached Google Form. Answer the questions on the Google Form as you go through the powerpoint. Remember, there is no time limit, but you only get one chance at each question. Choose carefully.
    When you're done, submit the Google Form.
    This assignment is due by MONDAY, APRIL 6.
    If you have any problems, email me.

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  • 4/2/20 It's time to sign up, sign in and complete your first assignment. If you haven't already done so, make sure you have access to our World History class on Google Classroom. Join our class on EdPuzzle and complete the assignment on The Industrial Revolution. If you need a code, email me.

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  • 4/1/20     All my students: Please remember to check yoou school email.  I sent some of you invitations to join the correct Google Classroom class. Also be sure to join out EdPuzzle class by answering the email invitation I sent you the other day.

    Our first assignment is an EdPuzzle on the Industrial Revolution that is die Friday, April 3.

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  • Office Hours: I will be available online Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. to answer any questions you may have and address any problems or concerns that may arise. Please contact me during those times for a quick response.

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  • Hi students,
    First, welcome back (virtually). I hope you're rested and that you and your family are staying healthy.
    Please make sure that you have access to my web page on the LWHS web site, our Google Classroom class, Google Drive, our EdPuzzle class, and Quizizz. I'm going to try to keep assignments interesting and interactive, so you will need access to all those sites.
    You should check my web page and our Goggle Classroom class every day (more than once). I will try to put notices of new assignments on my web page, but the assignments themselves will be on Google Classroom.
    Follow all directions carefully; I'm not there lurking over your shoulder to keep you on the right track. Many assignments will allow only one attempt or will have a time limit, or both.
    Meet all deadlines. Perhaps the greatest danger in working online is procrastination.
    Contact me whenever you have a problem. I will be online often and will answer questions as quickly as possible.
    Our first assignment will be on Wednesday, April 1 (no fooling). Good luck (and keep your fingers crossed that this all works as well as we'd all like it to.


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  • To all Mr. Downs' classes:

    In addition to joining Google Classroom, I will be sending invitations to your emails to join EdPuzzle. Please accept these invitations and join. I expect to use Google Classroom, EdPuzzle and Quizizz frequently while we are online.

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  • As we transition to online classes for the time being, we have been asked to use our teacher websites to facilitate insgtruction. Therefore, assignments for all my World History classes will be posted here beginning next week.