Syllabus for English l Honors

  • English Honors l

    Mrs. Nadine Jones

    Howard Middle School

        Course Description  

      This class is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for success at a high school level. It will prepare a student to communicate successfully through formal writing and presentation using effective grammar and vocabulary skills.

     English l Honors is focus will include, but is not limited to, exploring literature, expanding vocabulary skills, improving writing, developing speaking and listening skills, and conducting and presenting research.  Evaluation will be based primarily on assessments (tests, written essays, projects, research, etc.)

      Course Objectives

    With hard work and determination, by the end of the year students will be able to:

    Effectively recognize and communicate literary elements.
    Distinguish between formal and informal writing and speaking.
    Expand vocabulary.
    Illustrate the ability to deconstruct sentences grammatically.

         Computer and Internet Access

     As the educator, I will use many forms of technology and will require students to have a working knowledge of Microsoft Word (or comparable word processing program) and PowerPoint. Some writing assignments will need to be typed; therefore, students must have access to a computer, the Internet, and to a printer outside the classroom.


    You will be responsible for keeping track of your grade. Grades will stem from homework assignments, class assignments, tests, projects, quizzes, and group work. Homework assignments will be given and assigned to enhance understanding of material covered in class.  Due dates for homework assignments will be listed in the classroom homework board and will be posted on the school website under my webpage.





    Homework ------------------10%

    Test/Projects -------------- 40%


                                   Classroom Rules and Expectations

    • I expect all students to come to class on time (seated when the second bell rings) and to be prepared to learn with a good attitude throughout the class period. Bell work completion should be in progress when the bell rings. Additionally, I expect all students to practice organization, self- control, self-motivation, and determination and be able to apply the following principles in and outside the classroom.
    • Treat all teachers, members of administration, security, visitors, and your peers with respect always.
    • Be honest and fair.
    • Obey all school rules. (You are required to read and sign the Student Code of Conduct.)
    • Always be prepared for class which includes having paper, pen, binder, necessary book(s), and completed assignments.
    • Turn off all electronic devices during school hours. (Items will be confiscated if seen/heard and will be turned in to the office for parent pick-up.)
    • Raise your hand to ask questions and/or contribute to a discussion.

       Make-up Work Due to Absences

    The day a student returns to school following an absence, routine assignments before the absences are due (see Student Code of Conduct Handbook for clarity) and will not be accepted later for full credit-but can be turned in no later than two weeks for a grade of 50. Tests previously announced must also be taken as soon as it is convenient for the teacher.  The student is responsible for making up all assignments that were given while absent-teacher will give an appropriate amount of time and IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO SEE ME.  I will allow students to make test or quizzes (1 week) before or after school, not during class time with an appointment. After one week, test or quizzes not taken will be zeroed. I will average your past and present test or quiz together for a final grade.


    It is vital for all students to remain in class during instruction. Keep in mind that excessive use of the bathroom will not be allowed.   Health issues will be an exception.  No student is allowed to use the restroom during the first ten minutes of class and during the last ten minutes of class. Students should try not to use the restroom during class discussion and presentations to avoid missing instructional time.

      Assignment Requirements

     Required Paper Heading (Written in the upper right-hand corner of paper)

    First and Last name



    Name of Assignment


     **Please Note: Papers with no name will be discarded. 

     **Research papers will be written using the MLA format.

    Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated or accepted in any way shape or form.

    Plagiarism, dishonesty, and misrepresentation are not acceptable.  Plagiarism is using someone else’s ideas or writing as your own.  It is also not using proper documentation or citation when using another person’s writing such as, when doing an essay. 

    Plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment.  Cheating will result in a zero of any kind will result in a zero.


    • Binder requirement:  It is vital to keep your binder organized.  You will only receive one copy of any given handout so keep everything you are given and remember you will have a comprehensive semester exam.   Make sure all papers have your name, class period, date, and the assignment labeled on them. Papers with no name will be discarded.


    Detachable portion: to be completed and returned to the teacher.

    Please read the attached syllabus and then sign below to indicate your understanding and support of the classroom system

    Student Signature: _______________________________________Period_________

    Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________________

    Email address__________________________________________________________ 

    I am opened for any questions, comments or concerns. (Including information you would like me to note such as a medical concern about your child, updated contact information for you, etc.)



    **********THIS SYLLABUS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE**********