At the end of the UNIT SOLVING EQUATIONS and INEQUALITIES students should be able to..... 


    - use truth values when solving equations by finding the value that makes the statement true

    - use properties of equality to justify the steps in solving equations in 1 variable

    -create and solve equations in one variable that represent real world situations

    -***ZERO-PRODUCT PROPERTY   to solve equations

    -use properties of inequality to solve (write in set notation)  and graph solutions to inequalities in 1 variable 

    - *** solve compound inequalities and distinguish between "and" and "or" inequalities 

    - write and solve inequalities to represent real world situations

    Solve Absolute value equations and inequalities 

    -***solve equations for a specified variable (rearrange literal equations)


    ** indicates NEW concept for Algebra - all other concepts have been covered in 7/8th grade math