Unit 1 Function Overview – Learning Goals

    • add and subtract polynomials with rational coefficients.
    • multiply polynomials with rational coefficients.
    • rewrite a rational expression as the quotient in the form of a polynomial added to the remainder divided by the divisor.
    • use polynomial long division to divide a polynomial by a polynomial.
    • use synthetic division as a method of rewriting rational expressions when the divisor is in the form x-c

    TEST 1

    • determine if a function is one-to-one
    • write an inverse function, including restricting the domain.
    • write a function to model a real-world context by composing functions and the information within the


    • recognize even and odd functions from their graphs and equations

    TEST 2

    • determine the value of k when given a graph of the function and its transformation.
    • identify differences and similarities between a function and its transformation.
    • identify a graph of a function given a graph or a table of a transformation and the type of transformation that is represented.
    • graph by applying a given transformation to a function.
    • identify ordered pairs of a transformed graph.
    • complete a table for a transformed function.
    • graph a function using key features.
    • identify and interpret key features of a graph within the real-world context that the function represents.

    TEST 3