• Sociology


    Teacher: Genoyce Cicerone

    Ashford University – B.A. Psychology


    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Sociology:This course is designed to help the student acquire and understanding of group interaction and its impact on individuals that they may have a greater awareness of the beliefs, values and behavior patterns of others. In an increasingly interdependent world, students will come to recognize how group behavior affects both the individual and society.

    Contents of Study:


    • What is Sociology?
    • Cultural Diversity and Conformity
    • Social Structure
    • Socializing the Individual
    • Social Control and Deviance
    • Social Stratification
    • Racial and Ethnic Relations
    • Gender, Age, and Health
    • Collective Behavior and Social Change


    1. one-inch binder with notebook paper or spiral notebook
    2. black or dark blue ink pen
    3. pencil
    4. highlighter
    5. textbook: Sociology


                    Tests/Projects = 50%                              Classwork/Notebook checks = 50%               

                    A = 90 – 100, B = 80 – 89, C = 70 – 79, D = 60 – 69, F = 0 – 59  

    CLASSROOM GUIDELINES: Classroom behavior will be governed by the following policies. These are intended as guidelines to help build a sense of community and cooperation within the classroom

    1. We are Prompt
    2. We are Prepared
    3. We are Polite
    4. We are Productive


    Behavior issues in class will be handled in a progressive manner.

                    1st offense – Student will be given the chance to take responsibility for the behavior and change it as needed

                    2nd offense – Contact to parent/guardian will be made through phone call or email

                    3rd offense – Referral to administrator

    Extreme behavior issues will be referred to an administrator immediately



    1. Head your papers correctly: name, date & class period in the upper right hand corner. The title of the assignment goes on the 1st line.
    2. Cell phone policy: They are to be turned OFF and put away in a bag/backpack. If you are caught using a cell phone at any time it will be confiscated. If you are caught using it during a quiz or test if will not only be confiscated, but you will also receive a zero (0).
    3. If you are absent on a test day, you must make it up with in one week of your return to class. If you wish to re-take a test you must have completed and turned in a study guide on the day of the exam then you may do so during power hour.
    4. When you are absent YOU are responsible for obtaining the necessary make-up work. You may get the class notes from another student, visit my page on the school’s website, or see me at a scheduled time. I will NOT be available to give you the necessary make-up work during the regular class time.
    5. All homework and classwork will be completed in your notebook, unless otherwise instructed. You must have your notebook every day in class.
    6. Late Work. There will be no work accepted after last call. (Generally 1 week after assigned)
    7. There will not be retakes on tests!