• Ms. Buckhalter

    Osceola Middle School

    Geometry Honors

    Welcome to Osceola and to Geometry Honors!  Here are a few procedures that may answer your questions about my class and help the school year run smoothly.



    Each student is responsible for bringing his/her binder to school each day and keeping it up to date and organized.  During the first week, students will learn how to set up and use the math section of his/her binder.  Parents, I encourage you to review your child’s binder often.



    Students are required to purchase a planner/agenda from the school and bring it to school each day. They will write in the planner/agenda each day. Students and parents can refer to it for information on homework and upcoming tests.



    The  calculator needed for my class is a TI-30Xa, as this is the one they will be allowed to use on the EOC and in my classroom. If you have any questions about the supplies, please let me know. Each day for math, students will need notebook paper, graph paper, pencils (and possibly lead), an eraser, three different colored highlighters, and a three or five subject spiral notebook.



    Textbooks are all online this year. Students will be able to access them through their student portal. Homework assignments will come from this textbook. 



    Grades will be calculated according to this scale:

              Homework/Participation                                10%                               

    Class Work/Quizzes/Learning Checks                       40%

              Tests/Projects                                              50%



    There will be homework assignments throughout each week. I will be checking for completion (which means all work shown) on all homework assigned. Students earn a chapter homework grade. This homework grade will be determined by dividing the number of homework assignments completed on time by the number of homework assignments assigned for that chapter. Students will not receive credit for late homework.



    Students are required to complete all missed work.  It is the student’s responsibility to complete his/her planner for any/all days absent. Any notes taken that day will be located in the file cabinent labled Geometry. As well, it is the student’s responsibility to find out if there was graded class work turned in and/or if there was homework checked; and if so he/she needs to get those papers turned in as soon as possible. All grades from absences will be a 0 until the work has been completed and turned in.  If a quiz or test was missed due to an absence, it would be best for students to make arrangements to stay afterschool to make it up. Please check my website for the day’s assignment when absent.


    TESTS/QUIZZES/Quarterly Assessments

    Warm Ups will be taken as a quiz grade weekly and Chapter tests will be given every couple of weeks.There will also be occasional pop quizzes every few lesons to ensure students are staying on top of their work. All pop quizzes will be open note quizzes. Quarterly Assessments will be given according to the Marion County Algebra 1 Honors Focus Calendar. Assessment dates will be posted ahead of time. Some tests may be assigned to be completed online at home.



    We will have in-class and out-of-class projects. Projects will be real world application of math skills taught. Projects will be in the same grading category as tests. 



    If you would like to contribute to our classroom needs, here are some helpful items.

    *0.7 lead                                                               *box of tissues       *notebook paper      *small stikers (Size of your thumb nail)

    *graph paper                                                         *#2 pencils           *Band-Aids

    *individually wrapped starbursts or jolly rancher       *graph paper          *expo markers



    Communication is key when creating a successful year for students.  Parents, review your child’s agenda/planner and binder often. Use my website to check out what we are doing in class and to keep up with assignments in case your child missed class.  Email me any concerns you have:  Staci.Buckhalter@marion.k12.fl.us 


    Thanks, and here’s to a great year in Geometry!!


    -Staci Buckhalter