• I am a firm believer that all students, despite any disability or limitations that life may have given them, has the ability to learn at a high level if they choose to do so.  I have witnessed many students who come to this high school with low achievement levels in math leave the 9th grade above achievement levels in math simply by believing in themselves and doing the things that I ask of them.  If any student is willing to put forth the extra effort despite their history of struggling in math, THEY WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.  

    Course Description:

    This course builds on all of the math skills previously learned by the students in elementary and middle school and is designed to adequately prepare those students for all future math classes and any and all tests the government decides to throw at them.

     Classroom Expectations:

    I hold my students to high standards in my classroom. I expect my students to use their common sense, be respectful of all people and property, and to always try their best. That being said, there will be more specific rules if need be.


    Phone policy: At no time are phones to be audible or visible in my classroom. I will follow school phone procedures for all offenders.      


    Homework: We will have homework most nights. I expect my students to TRY every homework problem, however, I will not be grading it each day. I will choose a day or two to check a few problems. If the student tried the specific problems, correct answer or not, they will receive full credit. If they have every other answer correct and for some reason they did not try the problem I am checking that day, they will receive no credit for that day. There will be NO EXTRA CREDIT unless all homework for the quarter is turned in on time. 


    Tardy and Absences:

              The first 2 times a student is tardy to my class they will receive verbal warnings. The third time will warrant a call home to a parent/guardian. The fourth time a student is late, they will receive a referral. The tardies reset each quarter (9 weeks).


    If there is an absence it is the students’ responsibility to ask the teacher what they missed and to complete any missed homework, classwork/assignment, or test. The student has the same number of days to complete the work as the number of days missed from my class. Any work not turned in will receive a zero. Students can always see me at 7:30 AM for work that is missed. Students can also go on Youtube, Algebranation, or Kahn Academy and watch videos on missed assignments.