• Nature of Science- These concepts will be integrated with the Physical science concepts throughout the year. 


    Unit Essential Question: What is required to carry out a valid scientific investigation?

    **After we review lab safety, we will divide into Natare of Science with "Classifying Observations" (qualitative and Quantitative)


    **Identifying variables- (Test variable, outcome variable, and variables that remain the same)


    **Graphing and analyzing your observations.  Why is it important to have only 1 test variable?

     **Do the Floridastudent.org assignments for extra review of material.

    EQ "Experiemental Planning":

    What is the purpose of a hypothesis in an investigation?


    What is the difference between an observation and an inference.                                 

    There are various types of investigations in different branches of science.                   

    Science involves asking questions.                                                                              


    Differientiate between observation and inference. 

    Write a hypothesis that can be tested.  

    Write a hypothesis correctly:   *If...then...        

    EQ Variables:

    Why is is important to have only one test variable?  


    test variable (independent variable)                                                                      

    outcome variable (dependent variable)                                                                       

    controlled variables                                                                                                   

    control vs. experimental goup


    Identify variables in an experiement.

    Identify control group in an investigation.

    Identify experimental group in an investigation.


    EQs Evaluating Scientific Information:

    Why is accurate record keeping important in an investigation?

    Why is repetition important?



    empirical evidence (data)                                                                                    



    Imporance of accurate record keeping.                                                                    

    Science does not offer co&nclusive "proof" of a knowledge claim.                              

    A hypothesis is valid even if not supported by data.                                                        


    Not all questions can be answered through science.


    Collect and organize data.

    Interpret and analyze data.

    Identify errors in an experiment.

    Differentiate between repetition and replication.

    Defend conclusions using phrases such as "results support" or "fail to support"

     EQ Measurement and Scientific Tools

    How do we make sure the measurements we make are precise and accurate?



    SI units                                                                                                                

    precision and accuracy                                                                                           

    Technology is essential to science.                                                                           


    Differiante types of scientific models.                                                                                                                       

    Identify proper units for measurement.

    Identify and use scientific tools.