• STEAM stands for Science-Technology-Engineering-ARTS-Math (Most everywhere else it is STEM). It means that we incorporate learning about Science and Technology into our regular curriculum. As a history teacher, I see how STEM has been a part of every major advancement of humankind. As a Drama teacher, I appreciate how we can express our growing knowledge (and the challenges that it sometimes brings) through the performing and visual arts. In class, each notebook will have a STEM Connections section where we will record the impact of STEM in history. We will also use the engineering process to solve problems in Social Studies too. Our focus this year will be also on the impact that Space Exploration has had on America and the World. We hope to have astronaut Joe Acaba as a guest speaker second semester. See below about his launch and 5 month stay at the International Space Station on Expedition 53/54. 
    MrQ and NASA2
    Joe Acaba Video

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