• Drama logo The Horizon Academy Drama program began in the 2016-17 school year. Although it meets daily during Hawk Time (9:45-10:25am), rehearsals for performances take place afterschool and some performances take place in the evening: This requires a greater commitment on the part of students. The 2016-17 performances included a musical pantomime for Red Ribbon Week, various commercials for Relay for Life, a Christmas Play ("Ebony Scrooge") and a comedy/musical theater "Chemo, the Musical".

    In addition to rehearsals for these performances, students attended the Ocala Civic Theater perfomance of "Shrek" and a Murder Mystery Dinner performance at Vanguard High School. Weekly, there was acting instruction and training in different aspects of theatrical performances.

    If students are interested - and commited to the extra time required - see the teacher to sign up for Hawk Time (Note: If Math scores are low, students may be required to attend remediation during Hawk Hour instead of signing up for Drama). Some non-Hawk Time students participated in performances in 2016-17 and may do so this year as well.

    PROPOSED PROJECTS for 2017-18
    1) Red Ribbon Week videos
    2) PSAs: "Different", Fighting, Bullying, Autism, Suicide & Mental Health, Inappropriate Touching
    3) 1st semester play - Xmas Musical
    4) 2nd semester plays - "Googled", Freaky Friday, Cancer Drama