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    Each day, you will have a google form to fill out for attendance purposes. You will have from 9am- 4pm to fill it out. It is a simple on click question. This is to be done each day!

    Each week you will have a new table of contents posted under classwork in the Distant Learning topic. You are to do each activitiy per day that is hyperlinked. At the end of the week, Friday's a google form will post at 9am as a wrap up quiz on the content covered each day that week. You are to answer the quiz for a grade.

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  • Syllabus: Psychology

    West Port High School

    Sarah Cardinal, teacher

    Phone Number: 291-4000

    Email Address: Sarah.Cardinal@marion.k12.fl.us

    Course Description:

    Through the study of psychology, students acquire an understanding of and an appreciation for human behavior, behavior interaction and the progressive development of individuals. The content examined in this first introductory course includes major theories and orientations of psychology, psychological methodology, memory and cognition, human growth and development, personality, abnormal behavior, psychological therapies, stress/coping strategies, and mental health.

    Materials Needed:  Pens (blue or black only), Pencils, a section of a three ring binder or a duo-tang folder dedicated to Psychology.

    Grades and Assignments: Students will receive grades on tests, written work and other coursework as assigned.

    Grading Percentages:

    Tests/Projects = 50%

    Classwork/Quizzes = 50%

         * NO WORK AFTER THE LAST CALL WILL BE ACCEPTED (Generally 2 weeks after assigned)



    1.  To treat others with respect and care as an individual
    2.  To provide an orderly classroom environment
    3.  To provide the necessary discipline
    4.  To provide the appropriate incentive
    5.  To teach the required content


    1.  To treat the teacher with respect and care as an individual
    2.  To attend class regularly
    3.  To be cooperative and not disruptive
    4.  To study and complete all work
    5.  To learn and understand the required content
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