• *** Next meeting January 17th and 31st at 8:15. 



    Dear Belleview Middle School Parents and Students,

    We are looking for new members. Please come out and see what Interact Jr. is all about.

    Next Meetings: Time: 8:15

    Where: Mrs. Clark’s Room, Building 3 room 4

    We are looking for students interested in the following officer positions: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

    **Currently we are working on 2 projects. The first is a school wide fundraiser. The fundraiser will be a penny war between the classes. Start collecting your spare change and get ready for a little friendly competition.

    **The second project is a community fundraiser. We are collecting warm clothes for the cold weather approaching. We will donate all clothes to families in need. Please bring your warm clothes donations to Mrs. Clark’s room.




    ** Attendance was much better today 11/15). We have doubled in size.


    ** What we are working on:

    1.) Creating a fundraiser---- Penny wars--- This will be done in Science classes. We need to collect 10 containrs, make signs, create flyers and announcement, list of rewards, ... Year long collection. We need to decide where the money is going to go.


    2.) Community service--- We are going to collect needed item for the community. We are going to contact a local organization and see what items they need. Create signs, flyers, announcements, and drop locations for people to bring in their donations.

    See you all on the 29th.

    *** We have very low attendance at our meetings  and would love to see more students come out. Our next meeting we are going to have juice and cookies to celebrate Fall season.


    **We need students to come in and make signs to hang up to inform students of when our meetings are. I am here every morning at 8:00, so if students can come in just text me when you can come.




    Belleview Interact Jr. Club

    Sponsor: Kristina Clark 

    Email: Kristina.clark@marion.k12.fl.us

    Phone: 352-671-6235

    Interact JR


    Dear Belleview Middle School Parents and Students, There is a new service club that is calling your child's name. As a member of this club you can help make your community and school better. The Belleview Interact Jr. Club is the first ever Jr. Interact Club! 

    What is it? 

    A club run completely by students. This is a chance to help your school and community, make new friends, and become a leader in your school and community. 

    § What Would We Do In the Club?


    Interact gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects. Along the way, Interactors develop their leadership skills and initiative while meeting new friends.

    The members (kids) are in charge, we choose what to do and we lead the club.

    What do you do in Interact Jr.?

    o Help your school and community

    o Go on small field trips

    o Go to competitions

    o Make friends


    For more informarion about Interact clubs go to:



    Our first meeting for the year will be coming up soon. Shooting for the beginning of Sept.