•  Syllabus

    Intensive Reading Syllabus

    Mrs. Galloway Lyons


     Telephone: 352-671-6035 Ext 56269


    Intensive Reading Objectives

    Reading instruction will focus on improving students’ vocabulary, spelling, comprehension, fluency and written expression. Students will be provided instruction in proper usage, grammar, and mechanics. Extensive in and out of class reading, class discussions and a variety of writing experiences will be required.


    Make-up Work Procedures

    Students with excused absences will be allowed two days to make up any work missed.

     Remind Application 


    free, safe, and messaging tool that helps teachers

    share homework and classwork assignments. Text 

    81010 with the message @way352


    Required Materials

    Color copy paper, composition book, personal headphones, paper, pencils with erasers, handheld sharpener


    Classroom Expectations

    1.) Enter the classroom quietly.

    2.) Turn in homework and sharpen pencils.

    3.) Quietly complete Bell Work.


    Classroom Rules

    1.) Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    2.) No food, drinks or gum.

    3.) Remain in your seat and work quietly.

    4.) Respect yourself and others.

    5.) Always do your BEST.


    Grade Category

    Homework 10%

    Class Work, Quizzes 40%

    Test, Projects, and Presentation 50%


    Grade Scale

    A         =          90-100

    B         =          80-89

    C         =          70-79

    D         =          60-69

    F            =       59 and below





    Discipline Plan

    If a student breaks a rule stated above, the following consequences will occur:

    1)         Verbal warning

    2)        Time Out 

    3)        Time Out in another class

    4)        Parent Contacted/Conference

    5)        Dean Referral



    -          Reading homework will be assigned daily.

    -          Class work – will be completed in their interactive notebook and will be submitted when requested by teacher.

    -          Projects are creative extensions from literature assignments that will include performances, essays, and speeches.

     -         Quizzes will generally assess mastery of essential skills taught during the unit.

    -          Tests will assess reading comprehension, writing fluency, as well as grammar progress.









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