•  Quarter 2, Week 1

    Monday, 10/14

    Teacher Work-Day, No School

    Tuesday, 10/15

    Learned how to evaluate functions given inputs.

    No HW.

    Wednesday, 10/16

    PSAT Day. 

    No HW.

    Thursday/Friday, 10/17-10/18

    Graphed linear functions with a table of values.

    HW: Cartesian Art WS due Monday.


    Week 2

    Monday, 10/21

    Learned how to write function rules for tables.

    No HW.

    Tuesday, 10/22

    Learned about function notation.

    No HW.

    Wednesday, 10/23

    Learned about domain and range.

    No HW.

    Thursday/Friday, 10/24-10/25

    Practiced analyzing and evaluating functions.

    HW: Functions Quiz next Tuesday.

           Khan Academy due next Friday

               -Evaluating Functions

               -Domain/Range of Function

               -Recognize Function from Graph


    Week 3

    Monday, 10/28

    Learned how to compose two functions.

    HW: Study for Functions Quiz tomorrow!

    Tuesday, 10/29

    Took Functions Quiz

    No HW.

    Wednesday, 10/30

    Worked on Composing Functions WS.

    No HW.

    Thursday/Friday, 10/31-11/1

    Learned about features and transformations of graphs.

    HW: Unit 3 Test next week.

           Khan Academy due next Friday.

                -Relative Min/Max

                -Increase/Decrease Interval

                -Positive/Negative Interval


    Week 4

    Monday, 11/4

    Learned how to perform function operations.

    HW: See last Thursday/Friday.

    Tuesday, 11/5

    Reviewed for Unit 3 Test.

    HW: Finish Unit 3 Review.

    Wednesday, 11/6

    Reviewed for Unit 3 Test.

    HW: Finish Unit 3 Review.

    Thursday/Friday, 11/7-11/8

    Took Unit 3 Test.

    No HW.


    Week 5

    Monday, 11/11

    Learned how to graph slope-intercept equations.

    No HW.

    Tuesday, 11/12

    Practiced graphing slope-intercept form.

    No HW.

    Wednesday, 11/13

    Learned how to graph standard form.

    No HW.

    Thursday/Friday, 11/14-11/15

    Learned how to graph horizontal and vertical lines.

    HW: Finish Standard Form WS. Graphing Quiz next Thursday/Friday.


    Week 6

    Monday, 11/18

    Learned how to solve systems by graphing.

    No HW.

    Tuesday, 11/19

    Practiced solving systems by graphing.

    No HW.

    Wednesday, 11/20

    Reviewed for the Graphing Quiz.

    HW: Finish Quiz Review

    Thursday/Friday, 11/21-11/22

    Took Graphing Quiz. Started Algebra Nation Section 1 Quiz

    HW: Finish AN Quiz 1 attempt by Friday.


    Week 7

    Monday, 12/2

    Did a Holiday Graphing Worksheet.

    HW: Finish Holiday Graphing Worksheet by tomorrow.

    Tuesday, 12/3

    Learned how to solve systems by substitution.

    HW: Algebra Nation TY Quiz 1 due Friday.

    Wednesday, 12/4

    Learned how to solve systems by elimination.

    HW: See Tuesday.

    Thursday/Friday, 12/5-12/6

    Learned how to graph linear inequalities.

    No HW.