• Quarter 3, Week 1

    Monday, 1/6

    No School

    Tuesday, 1/7

    Reviewed class expectations. Worked on equation review.

    HW: Finish Equation Review WS by tomorrow.

    Wednesday, 1/8

    Learned how to multiply binomials.

    No HW.

    Thursday/Friday, 1/9-1/10

    Learned how to factor a=1 polynomials.

    HW: Khan Academy due next Friday.

           -Factoring Quadratics Intro

           -Multiply Binomials

           -Difference of Two Squares Intro


    Week 2

    Monday, 1/13

    Learned how to factor out GCF and factor by grouping.

    HW: See Thursday/Friday.

    Tuesday, 1/14

    Practiced factoring polynomials.

    HW: Factoring WS due Wednesday.

    Wednesday, 1/15

    Learned how to factor a > 1 polynomials.

    HW: See last Thursday/Friday.

    Thursday/Friday, 1/16-1/17

    Reviewed factoring a > 1 polynomials. Played Factoring Jeopardy.

    No HW.


    Week 3

    Monday, 1/20

    No school.

    Tuesday, 1/21

    Learned how to solve quadratics by factoring.

    No HW.

    Wednesday, 1/22

    Mental Health Day

    No HW.

    Thursday/Friday, 1/23-1/24

    Learned how to solve by completing the square. Took Factoring Quiz.

    HW: Solving Quadratics WS due Monday.


    Week 4

    Monday, 1/27

    Learned how to solve using Quadratic Formula.

    HW: Unit 5 Test on Thursday/Friday.

    Tuesday, 1/28

    Practiced word problems with stations.

    HW: See Monday.