• Any student who has not yet started their assignments needs to start now. Otherwisel, the a zero percent (0%) F will be earned for the fourth quarter.

    Please feel free to contact me via email. I will help yoou through the process of getting started and/or with the lessons.


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  • Tuesday 4/28

    Good morning,

    Progress report cards are coming soon. The last day for teachers to put grades in is this Thursday 4/30.

    If you do not have your work turned in by Thursday it will result in a zero.

    Howerver, all zero's can be erased by simply doing your work and submitting it to me. 

    It will all work out in the end.

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  • Monday 4/27

    All assignments are due next Monda, May 4th

    If you have joined your class late you will not be able to see the assignments. E-mail me and I will activate your assignments then.


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  • Wednesday 4-22

    If you didn't get an invitation I am not sure why.

    but here are your class codes by period

    1st: qjoadd2

    2nd: ikgldgy

    3rd: y2ysmm7

    4th: addcct5

    5th: c37dluk

    5s: 6sx7ueb   

    you are in 5s if you are on coach T's list of students he supports.


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  • Tuesday 4/21

    Hello everyone,

    I was hopeful that yesterday's 4 steps would work, but they did not. Today I am going to build a brand new 3rd Google Classroom. I will give you a new code for your class. 

    I will wait to add the original 5 assignments until you have joined the class. I will also send other instructions.

    Hang in there

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  • Monday 4-20

    Hello all,

    I have reason to believe that your google classroom has been set up incorrectly. So, I have archived your class and am going to start over with a new google classroom. You will receive a new code for your class in the near future.

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  • Good morning,

    Here are the 4 new instructions that should allow you to see all the assignments in Google Classroom.

    1) Go to you student portal

    2) click the Google Classroom icon

    3) join your class with the proper 7 digit code

    4) click on the "plus" icon. This should be an orange colored rectangle with the word plus written on it.

    1st period code: cje6rho

    2nd): yncanff

    3rd: yygtncx

    4th: lpwu2ya

    5th: 2skczdc

    6th: 3bi62jk

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  • Wednesday 4/15

    Hello everyone,

    After our staff meeting we were advised to select one category for grading. I chose to make all grades classwork.That is the 40% catagory. So make sure you all try your very best because you all this category works out the best in the long run.

    Good luck and I hope you all are staying safe

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  • I believe all is working. I want to thank everyone for your patience and understanding.

    To supplement your assignments you can always go to Khanacademy.com or any other tutorial site on the world wide web.

    Good luck to you all.

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  • Hello everyone.

    I might have the problem fixed. Please go to google classroom and join the class with the code:

    1st period:cje6rho

    2nd: yncanff

    3rd: yygtncx

    4th: lpwu2ya

    5th: 2skczdc

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  • Thursday 4-9

    There are still problems. Try again tomorrow


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  • Hello everyone. Please be advised that some of you are experiencing issues with the assignments in Pearson. I have contacted them and attempted to troubleshoot the problem. They said the problem is with my account.

    Now the Marion District is going to work on it as soon as they can. They are extremely busy as there are many other teachers/students with issues as well.

    I like to commend all of you for your patience and your diligience in this matter. You are all a fine group of kids.

    thank you

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  • Attention! Assignment Correction

    You will see it is 11-1 Math XL for School Additional Practice

    Sorry for the confusion

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  • How to find the assignment in Google Classroom

    1) Click on your class period

    2) Click on Classwork (at the top of the page)

    3) Click on the assignment that will take you directly to the e-textbook lesson.


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  • Please join the "Google Classroom" by using the foolowing code:

    1st period: 4z7gqlg

    2nd period: 6oztkle

    3rd period: p4efuxr

    4th peiod: 6svik2c

    5th period: yzagax4

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  • Hello everyone,

    I have choosen to use the MICROSOFT TEAMS platform to bring to you your assignment, lessons and communicate with you.

    All you need to do is go to your DESKTOP and click on the TEAMS tile. 

    Then find your class period and click that on.

    Under the General page click on the FILES tab and you will see the assignments there.

    Remember...we will fix the problems as we go.

    good luck,

    Mr. De Hay

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