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    Gaming IT Careers


    Here is the list of Lessons to Swift Playground line fo code:

    Sections Line Due Lesson
    Commands Introduction 2-Mar 1
      Issuing Commands 2-Mar 1
      Adding a New Command 2-Mar 1
      Toggling Sweitches 5-Mar 1
      Protal Practice 5-Mar 1
      Finding and Fixing Bugs 5-Mar 2
      Bug Swuash Practice 5-Mar 2
      The Shortest Route 5-Mar 2
    Functions Introduction 6-Mar 3
      Composing a New Behavior 6-Mar 3
      Creating a new Function 6-Mar 3
      Collect, Toggle, Repeat 6-Mar 3
      Across the Board 7-Mar 3
      Nesting Patterns 7-Mar 3
      Slotted Stairways 7-Mar 3
      Treasure Hunt 7-Mar 3
    For Loops Introduction 8-Mar 3
      Using Loops 8-Mar 3
      Looping All the Sides 8-Mar 3
      To the Edge and Back 8-Mar 3
      Loop Jumper 8-Mar 3
      Branch Out 9-Mar RR 1
      Gem Farm 9-Mar RR 1
      Four Stach Sweep 9-Mar RR 1
    Conditional Code Introduction 19-Mar 4
      Checking for Switches 19-Mar 4
      Using Else If 19-Mar 4
      Looping Conditional Code 19-Mar 4
      Conditional Climb 20-Mar 4
      Defining Smarter Functions 20-Mar 4
      Boxed In 20-Mar 4
      Decision Tree 20-Mar 4
    Logical Operators Introduction 21-Mar 4
      Using the NOT Operator 21-Mar 4
      Serial of NOT 21-Mar 4
      Checking This AND That 22-Mar 4
      Checking This OR That 22-Mar 4
      Logical Labyrinth 22-Mar 4
    While Loops Introduction 26-Mar 5
      Running Code While 26-Mar 5
      Creating Smarter While Loops 26-Mar 5
      Choosing the Correct Tool 26-Mar 5
      Four by Four 27-Mar 5
      Turned Around 27-Mar 5
      Land of Bounty 27-Mar 5
      Nesting Loops 28-Mar 5
      Random Rectangles 28-Mar 5
      You're Alwas Right  28-Mar 5
    Algorithms Introduction 29-Mar 6
      The Right-Hand Rule 29-Mar 6
      Adjusting Your Algorithm 29-Mar 6
      Conquering a Maze 29-Mar 6
      Which Way to Turn? 30-Mar RR 2
      Roll Right, Roll Left 30-Mar RR 2
    Variables 2 Introduction 2-Apr 7
      Keeping Track 2-Apr 7
      Bump Up the Value 2-Apr 7
      Incrementing the Value 2-Apr 7
      Seeking Seven Gems 3-Apr 7
      Three Gems, Four Switches 3-Apr 7
      Checking for Equal Values 3-Apr 7
      Collect the Total 3-Apr 7
    Types Introduction 4-Apr 8
      Deactivating a Portal 4-Apr 8
      Portal On and Off 4-Apr 8
      Setting the Right Portal 4-Apr 8
      Corners of the World 5-Apr 8
      Random Gems Everywhere 5-Apr 8
    Initialization Introduction 5-Apr 8
      Intializing Your Expert 5-Apr 8
      Train Your Expert 6-Apr 8
      Using Instances of Different Types 6-Apr 8
      It Takes Two 6-Apr 8
    Parameters Introduction 9-Apr 9
      Moving Further Forward 9-Apr 9
      Generalizing a Function 9-Apr 9
      crank Up and Down  9-Apr 9
      Placing at a Specific Location 10-Apr 9
      Rivers to Cross 10-Apr 9
      Placing Two Characters 11-Apr 9
      Two Experts 11-Apr 9
      Twinn Peaks 11-Apr 9
    World Building Introduction 12-Apr 10
      Uniting Worlds 12-Apr 10
      Connect and Solve 12-Apr 10
      Making Your Own Portals 13-Apr 10
      Reach for the Stairs 13-Apr 10
      Floating Islands 16-Apr 10
      Build a Loop 16-Apr 10
      A Puzzle of Your Own 16-Apr 10
    Arrays Introduction 17-Apr 10
      Storing Information 17-Apr 10
      Iterations Exploration 17-Apr 10
      Stacking Blocks 18-Apr 10
      Getting in Order 18-Apr 10
      Appending to an Array 18-Apr 10
      Isalnd Builder 19-Apr 10
      Appending Removed Values 19-Apr 10
      Fixing Array Out of Bounds Errors 19-Apr 10
      Generate a Landscape 20-Apr 10
      Randomized Lands 20-Apr 10
      Another Way to Create an Array 20-Apr 10
      The Art of the Array 20-Apr 10
        23-Apr Study Guide
      World Creation 27-Apr Milestone Project